19th August 2010

Chanel Autumn Collection – Eyeliners Cassis & Clair

By Get Lippie

You all Chanel-ed out yet?  Well, I’m not, but this is the last one for a couple of days, I promise! I had seriously promised myself that I’d only been going to get the eyeshadows I showed you yesterday, but when I swatched these, I had to have them too.  (I bought Paradoxal because, well, even I get swept along in the hype sometimes)

The waterproof liner in Cassis is a gorgeous dark purple shade, perfect for green eyes.  It’s dark enough to appear black from a distance, but just gives you a tiny pop of purple along the lashes, I love it.  It’s very smudgeproof, I had a swatch on my hand for about 8 hours on the day I bought this, and it did not move! It’s an automatic propelling pencil (about a third shorter than the Khol, for some reason), but I love that it has a built-in sharpener at the end.

 Clair is a nude skin shade made specifically for use on the waterline, to make your eyes look brighter. It’s a traditional khol pencil, that comes complete with a sharpener (as all Chanel pencils do).  It’s not as soft as I would have expected, but this isn’t, actually, a bad thing.  Some nude liners can be very soft, and this can lead to you applying a little too much which can make you look a little odd …

It’s not too white, which is nice.  Here’s how it looks on the waterline:

Can you guess which eye is which?  Would you use a nude liner?