24th August 2010

Dior Autumn 2010 Eyeshadow Quint – Incognito

By Get Lippie

I haven’t really decided what this week’s theme is going to be, so prepare for a week of utter randomness!  Today I’m having a look at Dior’s latest eyeshadow quint palette in Incognito, which was released very recently:

I’ll be honest, I don’t own a huge amount of Dior shadows (lip products, oh yes, tonnes of them!) but I loved the slightly cool neutrals in this palette, and the silvery taupe in the bottom right there really called out to me.

This is how they swatch:

The shades all swatch on the sheer side (swatched once with fingers, no base), and, to be honest, I find the matte shades (the two at the top) a little powdery and somewhat chalky.  But there’s no doubting the pigmentation of the bottom two!

Another shot of the swatches from a slightly different angle to show the finishes:

I’ll be honest, I was expecting wonderful things from this palette (I was in a bit of a rush when I bought it, and didn’t have a chance to swatch in store), and I’m a little disappointed in how “meh” it appears on the skin like this.  I’ve read some real raves about Dior Quints in the past, and I was excited about picking this one up.  I’m hoping I’ll fall more in love with it once I’ve used it properly on my eyes.

What do you think of Dior shadows?  Have you tried any?