15th September 2010

In a rush!

By Get Lippie

I mentioned yesterday that I’m lazy, and I’d rather spend an extra minute or two in bed than spend time using two products when I can use only one.  So I thought I’d tell you my favourite “two minute face” products.

For my base, I’d use Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturising Balm, it has SPF 25, and works well for evening out skintone (taking the place of foundation) and also works exceptionally well as a moisturiser in it’s own right.  This, essentially, takes the place of three products!

Eyeshadow, probably something taupe (the one above is Chanel’s taupe grise, not, strictly, a taupe, but lovely nonetheless).  Taupe because it goes with everything, suits almost everyone, and it’s hugely versatile.  I’ll either pat a darker taupe into the crease, or a lighter one all over the mobile lid.

Trish McEvoy High Impact Mascara in Jet Black.  I love this stuff, it doesn’t budge throughout the day, and I find that it volumises my lashes to the extent that I can go without liner (normally a total no-no chez Lippie) once in a while.

For my cheeks, I’d either use Daniel Sandler’s Watercolour Blush in Cherub (a pale rosy pink) or, if I want a little more colour, I’d use

Edward Bess Cream Rouge in Island Rose.  Both of these are ideal for adding a little fresh colour to my pale and sallow mug in the mornings, and they’re both a real pleasure to use, too.

As for my lips, I’d cheat and use either of the blush shades on my lips.  Four products, two minutes and groomed perfection.  In my dreams!

What’s your two-minute routine?