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13th October 2015

Fenwicks Global Beauty Icons

I love Fenwick of Bond Street, truly I do. It’s clean, it’s quiet, it’s sensibly laid out, the staff are lovely, and there’s a frankly astonishing range of brands there now.  I was invited back to their store last week to celebrate both the relaunch of their newly redesigned beauty hall, and the launch of their #FenwickBeautyIcons and #GlobalBeautyIcons campaigns, and, I admit, it was […]

8th March 2013

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Eye Palette, Roza Polish and Lipglosses

It’s been a while since I’ve featured anything from Bobbi Brown, I realise, but the press release for the new Lilac Rose collection was so pretty I couldn’t resist … a reasonable-sized collection, consisting of a new shimmer brick, an eye palette, a polish and several lip colours, I’ve selected my picks of the collection to show you here. First off, the star of the […]

16th November 2011

Bobbi Brown 20th Anniversary Lip Palette

I was shocked – shocked – when I realised that Bobbi Brown was celebrating the 20th Anniversary of her iconic lipstick line, not least because I realised when I bought this that I actually owned at least three of the original shades, and I hadn’t realised I’d been buying designer cosmetics for that long … I digress, the original line of lipsticks from Bobbi caused […]

15th September 2010

In a rush!

I mentioned yesterday that I’m lazy, and I’d rather spend an extra minute or two in bed than spend time using two products when I can use only one.  So I thought I’d tell you my favourite “two minute face” products. For my base, I’d use Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturising Balm, it has SPF 25, and works well for evening out skintone (taking the place […]

31st August 2010

My Current Skin Care Routine

I’ve tried a lot of skincare this year – and I’ll bring you some reviews of some of those brands soon, but I thought it would be nice to talk about what I’m using at the moment, as I’m really happy with it, and my skin is about as good as it’s been in the last few years, so I thought people might like to […]

2nd May 2010

Makeover: Laura

Laura got married yesterday, but way back in February she asked me for some ideas for her wedding makeover.  Here’s what we came up with. Please welcome Laura: Laura was a little too young to remember Prisoner Cell Block H, hence the rather cheery “before” pic this week.  As always we start with the foundation.  Laura is very pale (and yet had been recently colour […]

19th April 2010

Highlighters that double as blushers

When I was featuring (some of) my highlighter stash recently, I mentioned that I owned a few that doubled up as blushers, and I thought I’d show you those too. If you’ve followed my makeovers in any great detail, then at least one of these will be very familiar to you! This is my Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips in Natural Glow which I won in […]

18th April 2010

Makeover: Helen S

 Gosh, it’s been a few weeks since I posted a makeover, I’m really sorry! I hope you’ll all make Helen very welcome, she’s a great friend of mine, and we’ve been makeup shopping A Lot over the years. Mainly because it took me a very long time to cure Helen of her frosted mauve lipstick fetish …. Here she is, all fresh-faced, and only slightly […]

9th April 2010

Highlighters – Pressed Powders

Whoo, got here eventually!  Now, pressed powders are my favourite kind of highlighters, I just find them easier to apply, and they’re more forgiving when you accidentally overapply.  first off, let’s take a look at a highlighter I recently rediscovered as a result of my rummaging: Trish McEvoy Blush Highlight: Oh, this is a pretty one.  Yes, it’s a bit sparkly in the pan, but […]

20th December 2009

Makeover: Kerry

After a bit of last minute confusion with one of my other volunteers, the lovely Kerry stepped in to have a makeover, and I’m glad she did, as this is one of my favourites! Meet Kerry: Kerry is really very pretty already, with enormous green eyes.  Sometimes Kerry thinks she looks a bit young (never an issue as far as I’m concerned!) so was looking […]

10th November 2009

Face of the fortnight – as promised!

Sorry about the extreme close up nature of these pics, I’m in the middle of a major hair crisis!  A really major hair crisis … But this is how my Maybelline/Bobbi Brown makeup looks when it’s put together.  I’ve been trialling Lancome Teint Idole, and Clarins Wonder Perfect mascara in this pic too, so expect a post on those later on in the week … […]

7th November 2009

Mini Bobbi Brown Haul – and Face of the Week

Okay, face of the fortnight, if I’m being honest … I bought these shadows from Bobbi Brown recently, in the palette there is (L-R) Flesh, Naked and Gunmetal, and on first glance I think they look a little uninspiring, but this has been one of my very favourite purchases for a while.  I had initially been intent on buying Flesh and Woodrose from BB as […]