8th October 2010

Tresemme Naturals

By Get Lippie

I tell you, it’s very annoying when – before you’ve even tried a product – you’ve already written half of the review in your head, then when you do go on to try it, you realise that you’re going to have to eat half  the words you haven’t yet actually written.


So … I was introduced to Tresemme Naturals recently, the latest offering from the Tresemme range of shampoos, conditioners and styling products.  Now, I’ve always been a bit sniffy when it comes to high street shampoo, I can’t deny it. Ever since I started colouring my hair (a very, very long time ago) I’ve always  used salon brands, and paid the most I can afford for my haircare because, after all, your hair is the accessory you wear every day, so – to me, at least – it’s worth investing in. However, this range from Tresemme, promises no parabens, is silicone-free, is a third lower in sulfates than it’s original range and contains organic extracts of orange, aloe vera and avocado.

Now, I do find the name “Naturals” a little misleading (which is where my “original review” started, to be honest), as the only natural things in the shampoo are the organic extracts – and they’re there in very small amounts – and basically, all they’ve done to the formula is tweaked it slightly to make it sound trendy, and “natural”, plus they can put organic on the label too.  Nothing makes me madder than this kind of green-washing, particularly when it’s a cover for putting out a less effective product, as I’ve seen happen in some companies.


(and this is where I hang my head in shame and admit to having been a bit closed-minded),

The shampoo and conditioner in question are actually a bit marvellous.  They smell good, a little citrussy, the shampoo lathers well, and you can barely tell the conditioner is silicone-free at all, as there’s a good amount of slip.  I found that both used together leave my hair clean, soft and super-shiny.  Colour me very impressed, and less prepared to sneer next time.  Price is quite reasonable too, you get nearly a litre of each for less than five pounds.

If the ingredients actually were natural, and they were SLS-free (instead of “lower sulfate” than the original version) then I’d be happier, but at this price point, they’re actually pretty difficult to beat.