29th November 2010

Browhaus Lashes in Bloom – Eyelash Extensions

By Get Lippie

So impressed was I with my initial visit to Browhaus, that I recently went back at my own expense and got myself kitted out with some eyelash extensions.

Browhaus will do your lashes to your exact specification, natural, full, curly, long, however you want them!  I asked for full-on dramatic lashes, hoping to replicate the effect I always want from mascaras and am always disappointed with not achieving!  I love the effect they achieved, and I’ll be honest, I’m beginning to wonder how I’ll live without them!

The process isn’t that difficult, but it is pretty time consuming.  Your lower eyelashes are taped down (to avoid them getting stuck to the glue they use on the upper lashes), and individual lashes are glued to your own lashes.  I opted for individual lashes, but they do have an “express” service, which uses clusters of fake lashes to speed the process up a little.

I actually found the process – once the taping was sorted – very relaxing, and as the heated beds are so comfortable at Browhaus, I did find myself dropping off to sleep once or twice!

Things you need to know:

You will need to change your cleansing routine, oil free eye make up removers, and avoid the soaking the lashes – I use Amie Eye Makeup Remover, on a cotton bud.

Do not use mascara.  Anything oil or wax-based on the lashes will soften the bonds of the glue, and cause your new lashes to fall out.

Your new lashes are not made of hair, and will take a day or two to get used to, they’re more stiff than natural lashes, and you might find that you can see more of them than you do your natural lashes.  Try not to fiddle with them!

Try not to put your new lashes directly under the spray of the shower, again the hot water will loosen the bonds.

Your new lashes will fall out with the natural growth of your own lashes underneath.  This is perfectly normal, and nothing to worry about, but you can expect to need to have your lashes filled in slightly every 2-4 weeks, depending on your natural rate of growth. Infills at Browhaus cost just £10.

I had a few problems during my first week with some of the lashes on my right eye dropping off for no good reason, but Browhaus offer a service where if you have any problems whatsoever during the initial seven days then you can go back to the store and have them fixed/altered/infilled or even removed for free.  I went back and got mine infilled after a week, and have had no problems since.

Lash in Bloom eyelash extensions normally cost £58, but currently there is a special offer at Browhaus where you can get extensions and eyebrow threading together for just £45, which is a bargain in anyone’s book!

I love ’em!