7th June 2011

Giorgio Armani Gel Eyeliner Pencils

By Get Lippie


I confess to not being an expert on the beauty industry, but I admit that the decisions that come beauty companies make baffle me slightly.  Take, for example, the decision by Giorgio Armani cosmetics to make their wonderful eyeliners a limited edition product.  Released once or twice a year, these pencils turn up for two, maybe three weeks at a time, then disappear not to be seen for another couple of months.

Mystifying, utterly mystifying.  

Regardless – and price aside for a moment – it’s all the more astonishing, because these are, quite rightly cult items, that I don’t really think that any makeup bag should be without.

We’re all familiar, I guess, with gel eyeliners, the kind that come in pots, and have to be applied with a brush.  They set on the skin to give unparalleled lasting power that doesn’t crease, run or flake (well, most of them don’t) and are slightly easier to use than a traditional “inkwell” style liquid eyeliner.

Well, the Armani Eyeliners are gel eyeliners in a pencil, creaseproof, run proof and flake-free, they’re wonderful things.  Look at the swatches from the black and green pencils above:

These are both one pass with the pencil over clean, dry, unprimed skin.  And, let me tell you, that black line was a complete pain in the bum to remove with just a cleansing wipe! It is one of the blackest, softest eyeliners I own, and I say that as someone with a collection of eyeliners that would make your average baby-goth weep inky-sweet tears of sootiest envy.

They’re not great if you want a really fine line, as, being gel, they blunt very easily, but they’re soft, apply with no dragging, and are (for about a minute or so) very easily smudgeable.  Once they set though, they’re in place for the whole day. That is unless you’re an inveterate eye-rubber, or it’s an exceptionally humid day.  I’ve found they tend to fade rather than run though, which is preferable, in all honesty.

On the down side, they are very, very, very expensive.  At £20 a pencil, which won’t actually last all that long owing to how soft they are, they are a very occasional treat.

But, tomorrow, I’ll be showing you a more than acceptable alternative at around a tenth of the cost.  Sound interesting …. ?

The Fine Print: These were bought at the same time as the Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadow I showed you on Sunday.  Once again, a stunt swatching hand was used in these posts. He’s still not forgiven me.

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