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13th October 2016

Armani Lip Magnets Lip Swatches

In yesterday’s post, I gave the full review, today is just lip swatches of the newly released Armani Lip Magnets.  The colours are lovely and pigmented, and easy to wear without drying the lips. Top Row 300, 301 and 302 2nd Row 400, 401 and 402 3rd Row 500, 501 and 506 4th Row 601 and 602. In the same order, here are the lipswatches, […]

12th October 2016

Armani Lip Magnets launch nationwide on October 28th

 2016 has been a great year for lipstick lovers, especially BRIGHT lipstick lovers, like, er … me! Armani have launched a great range of mattes recently – they’re currently exclusive to Selfridges, but they’ll launch nationwide on October 28th, and I have a bunch of them here.  In today’s post I’ll talk about the colours and the formula, and I’ll put swatches into the post […]

7th June 2011

Giorgio Armani Gel Eyeliner Pencils

  I confess to not being an expert on the beauty industry, but I admit that the decisions that come beauty companies make baffle me slightly.  Take, for example, the decision by Giorgio Armani cosmetics to make their wonderful eyeliners a limited edition product.  Released once or twice a year, these pencils turn up for two, maybe three weeks at a time, then disappear not […]

5th June 2011

Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow #8

Armani Eyes to Kill eyeshadows have been all over Twitter recently, and, as I’ve had mine for about three months now, I thought it was about time I actually reviewed it! Not quite a cream, not quite a powder, but rather a hybrid mixture of them both, the Armani Eyes to Kill shadows are easy to use, last well, and are a pleasure to use. […]

4th January 2011

My Picks of 2010

Needless to say, you’ll have seen a million of these posts already, and I was in two minds whether or not to post my selections too, but some of these products have been life-changing for me, and I thought I’d share them anyway … Bath Products of The Year: Aromatherapy Associates Early on in the year, I was sent an Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath and […]

27th July 2010

Mr Lippie Reviews: Armani Diamonds Summer

I’ve been using Armani Diamonds for a little while now, and I thought (or, rather, was reminded) that it’s about time that I put my thoughts on it down on paper, as it were.   Looking at the bottle itself, it’s a chunky rectangular bottle, with a hint of blue/aquamarine at the base that gives the liquid a slightly mysterious look. The top is dominated […]

16th June 2010

Review – Armani Blushing Fabric Second Skin Blush

I first had a sneaky peek at these a couple of months ago when BritishBeautyBlogger kindly let me swatch her sample, and I was lucky enough to be sent a couple too just recently. Not ordinarily a massive fan of blusher (I’m much more an eye and lip product kind of girl), these are gorgeous, and I’ve enjoyed using them a lot. Weightless owing to […]

1st April 2010

Review – Armani Code for Men

Well, it’s been a while since he popped up, and I did embarrass him this week by outing his new-found love of candles, so I thought it was time he reviewed something else. Today’s post is by my fluffy wuffy bunnykins Mr Lippie.  Please say hello: *** So. I’m not a big wearer of scents, I think we’ve established that. If you didn’t know it […]