22nd June 2011

Guest Post – Le Metier Lip Creme Fraise

By Get Lippie

A new discovery, but rapidly becoming a favourite, owing to a shared interest in lipstick (and Le Metier de Beaute) is The Black Panties  blog.  Through her posts, I can live vicariously in Bergdorf Goodman … and today, so can you!



My obsession for the past month or so has been Le Métier de Beauté’s Fraise lip crème. What makes lip crèmes stand out is their texture because they’re a hybrid between a lipgloss and a lipstick. They’re slightly reminiscent in terms of texture of the discontinued Dior Creme de Gloss. I find lip crèmes much more long lasting and it just feel softer on the lips. What’s also great about them is that I can eat a meal and several drinks and it’s still on my lips without any feathering (approx. 5 hours). I was sold on it when the associate was wearing it and she’s NC15-20. It’s a soft, wearable red with tiny gold sparkles. I know there are people who have their reservations about red because it’s too bright or just too much. Trust me, Fraise is one you can wear at the office. It’s scented like strawberry crème and be aware that it does have lanolin (to those who have allergies). Otherwise, it is a must have on your makeup bag, because it’s truly a unique shade. The price is $36 + tax and it’s worth every penny.

(L-R) MAC Venetian lustreglass,  LMdB fraise lip creme, LMdB framboise lip creme


Get Lippie says: Man, I miss Le Metier de Beaute.  The quicker they get themselves back over here, the better.

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