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22nd April 2013

Kodo Incense Ceremony With Odette Toilette

To my intense dismay, having enjoyed many a scented adventure through Odette’s work, I was unable to attend the Kodo Incense Ceremony arranged by Odette Toilette last week. Luckily, however, the lovely Callum Bolt was able to take my place at the ceremony, and here he gives us a fabulous round-up of his experience:   Last week, what was supposed to be another dull day […]

6th March 2012

Guest Post – Georgina Regazza: Makeup Tips for the More Mature

  Following on from my guest posts during my week off, here is the wonderful Georgina Regazza from Makeup Tips for My Sister giving us her top tips for her makeup look: Now that I am a Woman of a Certain Age and cosmetic counter assistants call me Madam, I confess to being a bit bewildered by it all. Serums make me think of monkeys, […]

4th July 2011

Guest Post – Cosmeceuticals: Are We Expecting the Impossible?

This is the last of my guest posts for this year, and it’s from the ever-lovely and adorable Modesty Brown, whom I adore.  She’s brought us some more corking pics and some scientific know-how again this year … ****** Last year, I got the labcoat out for my guest slot on Get Lippie. I had initially intended this post to be a rant an informative […]

1st July 2011

Guest Post – Thoughts on Manscaping

Gotta love a boy beauty blogger, and The Chap Blog is one of the best!  After Mr Lippie giving us his thoughts on his new personal grooming routine last week, I thought this would make a great companion piece.  Manscaping.  How far should it go? ***** Hi boys and girls! I was asked by Get Lippie if I would write a guest post and the […]

30th June 2011

Guest Post – Love Your Lips

I love Oh Panda!  She’s a mine of information, and a source of inspiration, and she’s a total sweetheart to boot.  Here she is to talk to us today about how to look after your lips … ***** It’s all well and good buying a new lipstick, falling in love with it and never wanting to take it off but it is important to look […]

29th June 2011

Guest Post – Bourjois Mascara Madness

Floamia is my latest guest poster, who’s come out of her blogging retirement to take a thorough and much appreciated look at a range of Bourjois mascaras.  I’m very honoured, thank you Floamia! ***** I’d like to start off this post just saying thank-you for the opportunity to write for this blog, which I’ve been a fan of for quite a while. Much appreciated!   […]

28th June 2011

Guest Post – A Life in Lipstick

All my favourite people are called Louise, so I was very happy when Louise from LouLouMuses agreed to take a guest slot this time around.  She’s only been blogging for a couple of months, but she’s been on Twitter for a lot longer than that, and she’s always a delight to chat to.  Take it away, LouLou!   ***** After the initial blog post mental […]

27th June 2011

Guest Post – Aztec Inspired Nails

I have neither the time, nor the patience to do nail art, (not to mention my being a total cackhanded muppet) so when the gloriously talented Catherine of Catherine’s Loves blog offered to do a tutorial for my readers, I jumped at the opportunity!  Here’s hoping you enjoy this as much as I did: ***** Hello readers of Get Lippie, Louise has kindly let me […]

25th June 2011

Guest Post – Parfumerie Generale Private Collection Cedre Sandaraque

Today I’m delighted to welcome Carrie from Eyeliner on a Cat, who has been one of the loveliest supporters of my Project Perfume this year, and writes evocatively about her scent collection on her own blog, she’s created a new lemming for me now with this one ….  ***** Today was one of those amazing mornings. I woke up to a surprise care package filled […]

22nd June 2011

Guest Post – Le Metier Lip Creme Fraise

A new discovery, but rapidly becoming a favourite, owing to a shared interest in lipstick (and Le Metier de Beaute) is The Black Panties  blog.  Through her posts, I can live vicariously in Bergdorf Goodman … and today, so can you! *****   My obsession for the past month or so has been Le Métier de Beauté’s Fraise lip crème. What makes lip crèmes stand […]

8th July 2010

Guest Post: Two Face Retractible Kabuki Brush

Today’s guest poster is Eyelining, she has a great blog which I subscribe to, and you can find it at: Eyelining and Other Makeup Obsessions *** The lovely Louise kindly agreed to let me loose with a guest post. She even sent a lippie for me to review which Royal Mail promptly stole and are now denying all knowledge of. Super. Nonetheless we will soldier on […]