20th July 2011

Chanel Byzance Collection Topkapi Quad

By Get Lippie

Well hello there little Chanel palette that fell into my handbag at Selfridges last week!  How you doin’?

What’s that?  You’re shy?  Don’t want to show off for the nice Get Lippie readers?


See?  Nothing to be scared of!  You’re beautiful.  Oh yes, you are.  And, with your selection of metallic browns, taupes and golds, oh me, oh my, we’re going to make some sexytimes sweet, sweet swatches together.

What’s that?  I didn’t catch you from your best side?  Shall we try again?

You’re so creamy.  So pigmented, so … rich.  So wonderful that if all Chanel palettes were like you, I’d buy all y’all.  Okay, your dark brown is on the matte side, and your gold is a little … sparkly, but hey, your bronze is so yummy and your taupe, why, it’s so … taupe. Taupe-r than the taupest thing I can imagine.  And that, my lovely palette is very taupe indeed.  Oh yes …

Dear Chanel, please make more like this.  No more dry, baked, unpigmented eyeshadows.  They’re annoying. Just try not to make the next one cost £37 too. Thank you.

This has been a public service announcement.

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