8th October 2012

Five basics every makeup bag should have

By Get Lippie

I get asked, quite regularly, what makeup products every makeup bag should contain, and I always find it a difficult question to answer (I don’t really carry a makeup bag round with me, and, when I do, it mainly contains lip products … the name of this blog didn’t come around by accident, you know) but, in response to a particularly heartfelt plea from MummyBarrow, asking for the five products you need to re-stock an empty makeup bag, here’s what I think you need in a basic, but well-stocked makeup bag:

1) Base
2) Blush
3) Mascara
4) Eyeshadow/Eyeliner
5) Lip Colour

Here’s my product picks:

1) Base 

Every makeup bag should contain a base product, whether it’s foundation, concealer, or a powder is entirely down to individual preference, but, if I was starting from scratch, I’d pick a pigmented base with some skincare properties – either a tinted moisturiser from a reputable skin-care company, or a BB cream, again from a reputable skincare company (rather than a company better known for their colour cosmetics.  So, which ones would I pick?  Well, depending on budget, I’d either pick:

Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser (£57 from Space NK)

Or Dr Jart Regenerating BB Cream (£21 from Boots)

 Both can be used as a moisturiser in their own right (confession, I never use a coloured product in place of skincare, I always use my full skincare routine then use tinted moisturisers etc, but not everyone is as obsessive about their skincare as I am, I admit), and both give great coverage.  If pushed, I prefer the Chantecaille, less mineral oil, nicer fragrance, more buildable coverage as you can apply in successive layers – but the Dr Jart has an SPF of 30,  over and above the Chantecaille’s SPF of 15.  The Dr Jart is nice and soothing on the skin though, and doesn’t irritate my stupidly sensitive skin.

A good base is all-important for making the rest of your make-up (however little you spend, and however little attention you pay to it) look good, don’t skimp here.

2) Blush

Only one possible choice here, for me, and that is:

New CID iGlow in Coral Crush (£24 from New CID Cosmetics)

This is possibly the most-used cosmetic item in my stash at the moment, and I adore it.  Gives a wonderful glowy lift to my cheeks (it’s ostensibly a highlighting product, but I find it pigmented enough to use as a blusher), and it goes with most makeup looks.  It photographs amazingly well too.  Writing this reminds me that I need a backup.

3) Mascara

The mascara I’ve been wearing most often over the last few months is:

Benefit They’re Real Mascara (£18.50 from Boots)

I was slightly underwhelmed with this on first release, but, over the last while, I’ve come to love it a great deal, and regularly reach for it over and above other fancier (and more expensive) releases.  It’s a good, buildable formula that, on me, doesn’t flake or smudge, and only comes off when *I* want it too.  Can’t say much more than that.  It’s a bit wet on first opening though, but after a week or two when it dries out a little, it’s a cracking tube of mascara.

The above three products are what I would consider the absolute bare essentials, if you’ve evened out your skintone with a base, highlighted your cheekbones with blush, and defined your eyes with mascara, then, frankly, any other colour cosmetics are an optional extra.  That said though, here’s my pick of eye and lip products to round out a new collection:

4) Eyeshadow/Eyeliner

Sometimes, you just want something quick, and versatile.  When that’s the case, I reach for:

Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Pencils (£18 from Harvey Nichols)

Soft and smudgey, these pencils are a total boon if you’re a bit short on time.  You can use them as a soft liner, a base for other shades, or smudge them and create a soft smokey eye look.   They come in a variety of no-fuss, no-worry shades, so there’s something to suit most people.

If I was really splashing out, to be honest, I’d also pick up a Cream Colour from Tom Ford in Platinum. A cream eyeshadow that doesn’t crease, and isn’t greasy, and lasts all day.  I just wish they were a permanent part of the range (and didn’t cost £28, but that’s a different story).

Clinique are rumoured to be bringing out an eye version of their cult Chubby Sticks, and I, personally, am waiting with baited breath for their release.

 5) Lip Colour

Blimey, where do I start?  When it comes to lipstick, it really is up to you (your budget) and your personal preferences.  For budget preferences, I’ve discovered I’m a bit of a fan of the Kate Moss range of lipsticks for Rimmel, the matte collection is really cute, particularly in the darker shades.  If you want something a bit less fussy, then the Clinique Chubby sticks:

Might be what you want: Retailing at around £14, they combine the best parts of lipbalm and lipstick.  There’s a whole slew of imitators around, but I definitely prefer these for their superior balm properties (little known fact, Clinique’s range of superbalm lip products are amongst the best balms on the market, for me at least), and their sheer range of shades.  They’re releasing an “intense” version now too, which have more pigment … I may already have a couple, and will be bringing you a full review soon …

If you want to splash out, and still have a balmy consistency, well, then you need a Chantecaille Lip Chic.  Which is, for my money, the most divine lipstick formulation in existence.  If you really want to push the boat out, well, then, head yourself over to Tom Ford.  Or pick yourself up a Guerlain Rouge G.  You know you want to …

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