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11th February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Hot on the heels of They’re Real, Benefit are shortly launching their new formula mascara, Roller Lash.  Lighter and less claggy (and easier to remove!) that They’re Real, Roller Lash features an innovative new brush:   Much smaller, and without the spiky ball on the end, the Roller Lash brush has tiny hooks on some of the bristles to catch and curl your lashes.  Let’s […]

27th February 2014

Benefit Brow Arch March

By Luke I am very lucky indeed to be a volunteer for the amazing beauty industry charity, Look Good Feel Better. If you are not familiar with the charity, you can read all about them here http://www.lookgoodfeelbetter.co.uk/, but in a nutshell, women undergoing cancer treatment are able to spend a bit of time in a room full of other women in a similar situation, compare […]

9th July 2013

Current Favourite Blushers

I didn’t see the point of blusher for the longest time, and so, for many years I didn’t use it.  I’ve had high-colouring for many years, so the thought of adding MOAR COLORZ to my skin was a scary one, to say the least!  These days, however, I’d rather leave the house without lipstick than without my blusher! Blush brightens the face, and can add […]

8th October 2012

Five basics every makeup bag should have

I get asked, quite regularly, what makeup products every makeup bag should contain, and I always find it a difficult question to answer (I don’t really carry a makeup bag round with me, and, when I do, it mainly contains lip products … the name of this blog didn’t come around by accident, you know) but, in response to a particularly heartfelt plea from MummyBarrow, […]

4th May 2012

Benefit That Gal Limited Edition

Oh, now this is cute. To celebrate the Jubilee and the Olympics, Benefit are bringing out a limited edition version of their popular That Gal primer.  The product remains the same, but the packaging has had a “British” (read: London) – centric makeover.  Let’s take a look:   It’s certainly cute, and continues onto the tube itself: But this is Get Lippie, and I’m all […]

3rd May 2012

Benefit Sun Beam

You might have noticed a theme this week – summer.  Yes, I know the last few weeks have had lousy wet weather, but I am determined to make things a little summery right now!  With that in mind, I’m happy to show you Benefit Sun Beam, the latest addition to the “Beam” collection, alongside “High” and “Moon”, both of which I happen to adore, but […]

1st December 2011

Benefit They’re Real Vs Dior Diorshow Iconic

Perfume aside, I don’t think there is a beauty product that is as dependent upon personal preference as mascara.  We all have our particular requirements, and personal favourites, and we tend to stick with them, no matter how many new mascaras are released in a particular year.  Last year I was addicted to Trish McEvoy’s mascara, but discovered that the formula had changed – making […]

7th September 2010

Review – Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

I have a love-hate relationship with Benefit.  When the products are good (and very many of them are), they’re very good, but when they’re bad, they’re dreadful.  Add in the hard sell at the counter, the freaky makeovers you get, and then look at the frankly rather limited range of foundation shades, they can be difficult to love at times …. also, please don’t get […]

2nd May 2010

Makeover: Laura

Laura got married yesterday, but way back in February she asked me for some ideas for her wedding makeover.  Here’s what we came up with. Please welcome Laura: Laura was a little too young to remember Prisoner Cell Block H, hence the rather cheery “before” pic this week.  As always we start with the foundation.  Laura is very pale (and yet had been recently colour […]

5th April 2010

Reader Request – Highlighters

When I wrote this post about the YSL Palette Y-Mail highlighter a few weeks ago, one of my lovely readers, Renata asked about my favourite highlighters, and what I’d recommend.  Well, my first thought, I have to admit was “I don’t have many highlighters, I’ll never get a full post out of that!”.  I was wrong.  A quick scout around my makeup collections (yes, I […]

21st March 2010

Mini Makeover – Ruth

Yes, it’s a mini-makeover again this week, mainly because I AM the world’s worst photographer, and I owe Ruth a massive apology as a result. Anyhoo, on with the “show”, as they say!  Please meet Ruth: Ruth is someone I’ve known virtually for longer than I care to remember, but up until her makeover we’d never actually met in the flesh!  Ruth runs Love it […]

7th March 2010

Makeover: Isobel

Another very quick makeover this week, featuring the lovely Isobel, who came to visit Chez Lippie recently. Meet Isobel: Isobel wanted a very simple evening look.  One that looked polished, and elegant, but that wasn’t too dramatic.  We had a chat about colours, and discovered that muddy purples were the order of the day. As ever, we start with the base.  Now, Isobel is 60 […]