7th September 2010

Review – Benefit Girl Meets Pearl

By Get Lippie

I have a love-hate relationship with Benefit.  When the products are good (and very many of them are), they’re very good, but when they’re bad, they’re dreadful.  Add in the hard sell at the counter, the freaky makeovers you get, and then look at the frankly rather limited range of foundation shades, they can be difficult to love at times …. also, please don’t get me started on the cheap and rather undurable cardboard packaging that drives me nuts … but hey.

But, when they get things right, they tend to get things really right.  Their Creaseless Cream eyeshadows are a work of genius and I never miss an opportunity to recommend them, and I’ve been using You Rebel ever since it was called “I am Rebel” (even if these days, I do prefer the “lite” version, I don’t enjoy being orange now!).

They’re bringing out some new products at the moment (and I hear exciting things about a possible skin-care launch in the near future too), and I’ve had a chance to try them.  I’ll talk more about Porefessional soon,  but Girl Meets Pearl launches in the next couple of weeks and it’s really very pretty indeed.

A cool pink with gold pearl, this is a cooling liquid highlighter that you can use to “spotlight” individual areas of your face, or use all over your face (under your foundation) to give your skin a sheeny glow. It’s not a shimmer, or a glitter – thank goodness – but it just lights your skin up a little in a delightfully natural fashion.

Here you can see it on my skin, it’s largely translucent, but it blends remarkably well, and gives you a buildable effect, you can apply it lightly for a light sheen, or apply more for a more glow-y effect.

Here you can see it catching the light whilst I was blending it in.  It dries a lot more matte though:

Can you see the difference?  I like to use this on my cheekbones (over a tinted moisturiser, and under a powder foundation), and I love the very subtle effect.

But, there is one dreadful thing about this product – the scent.  It’s like smearing Hubba Bubba on your cheeks.  Not nice, and, to make things worse, the smell lingers a long time.  Your mileage on the scent may vary, of course!  I do find Benefit products a little over-perfumed at times, and I have to admit that this isn’t nearly as bad as the smell of Dr Feelgood (which always smells like curry to me), but I thought you should know!

How do you get along with Benefit?

The Fine Print: I was visited on my sickbed by a very lovely Benefit PR recently, and she left me a sample of this.  PRs are people too, people!