23rd October 2012

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup Review

By Get Lippie

A review of two halves, this one.

I was so, so excited when I read about Giorgio Maestro Fusion Makeup, and was desperate to try it.  Described as a blend of five different oils, with a powder-free formulation, I thought this would be great for my combination-oily, but occasionally dehydrated skin.  I’m a massive convert to oils these days, using them for cleansing, moisturising, and as serums.  When it first arrived, and I first had a play on the back of my hand, I was exceptionally excited, I can honestly say I’ve not tried a foundation similar to it.

It’s an exceptionally thin and runny liquid, which very much needs the dropper it comes with.  You do literally only need around 5-6 drops to cover your whole face.


 It spreads very easily, and is virtually undetectable on the skin, you can neither feel it, nor see it, it’s amazing.  It blends away exceptionally easily, and leaves a matte finish (something I wasn’t really expecting, admittedly). It has a very sheer coverage, but I find that it evens out the skintone very nicely.  This is shade five, which is right in the middle of the range, there are nine shades, which promise to match every skintone.  In actuality, the shades are very forgiving, and adapt well to individual tones, so picking up something that doesn’t quite match isn’t the tragedy it can be with some other foundations.  It’s not great at covering imperfections though, so bear in mind that you will need a concealer with this foundation.

You should be able to see the slight difference on my hand there, but please bear in mind that my hands are much paler than my face, it actually matches pretty well with my complexion.

The first day I wore this, however, I was bitterly disappointed. Just four hours or so into wear, my face was showing “dehydration lines”, and the foundation was clinging, patchily, onto any dry patches of skin.  It looked awful.  Dreadful. Possibly the worst foundation I’ve ever worn.  It made me look very old, exhausted, and worn out. NOT what you want in a foundation.  I put it away, and vowed never to use it again.

In the meantime, however, I’ve read a lot of similar reviews, and they made me think that maybe I should give it a second chance. My skin is in better condition at the moment than it was around the time of my initial testing,  and I’ve been wearing Maestro for a week or so as a result.  I’m happier with it, as, because my skin isn’t dry or dehydrated right now, the formulation doesn’t cling to any flaky patches, or settle into dehydration lines.

Whilst it’s great that I can now use this to even out my skintone on good-skin/no makeup days, it kind of defeats the object of foundation, really.   The fact that my skin has to be in tip-top condition before I can use the product is galling – who has perfect skin?  I’ll stick to Armani Face Fabric for good skin days.

Here’s how it looks on my mush – you can see it doesn’t cover pores, and is clinging slightly to my nose, but aside from that, I quite like the finish.

Lipstick is Burberry Miliary Red, I’m wearing a bit of mascara, but that’s it.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup costs £36.  What do you think?

The Fine Print:  PR Sample, and a long-overdue review. Good Face Days are few and far between.  Camel-face days on the other hand … well …

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