16th January 2013

Possible Wedding Manicure …?

By Get Lippie

The wedding is now just over four weeks away.  The makeup trial has been done, the dress has been adjusted, the reception decisions are almost all made, I remain a blogger in search of a hairdo, however, and owing to budget constraints I’m going to have to do my nails myself.  Ah well, I’ve had fun over the last few weeks experimenting with nail colours to go with my dress.  However, I’ve been thinking that purple fingernails with a purple dress is just a bit too matchy-matchy for me.

After all, I have a tendency to paint my nails whatever colour I like on a Sunday evening and then just wear the hell out of it till it, basically, falls off.  As beauty bloggers go, I’m a lousy one when it comes to nails.  This combination though, happened by accident (I didn’t like one of the shades, so was covering it up) but I rather like silver with purple, so at the moment, this is the front-runner for wedding-nails.  From left to right we have Out the Door topcoat in Northern Lights, which is a holographic fast-drying topcoat, OPI’s Lucern-tenly Look Marvellous (which as most people call me Luce is apposite, at the least), and finally Deborah Lippman’s Believe, which was created with Cher.  If you can’t channel Cher on your wedding day, frankly, then I don’t want to know.

The final product (two coats of Believe, one very thin coat of Lucerne, and a topcoat of Northern Lights) looks like this:

It’s about four days old on my nails there, so forgive the state of it in the pictures.  It’s silvery, and glittery without being too grey, and without screaming GLITTER.  What do you think?

The Fine Print: Purchases.  What do you call it when a dinosaur crashes his car? Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

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