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16th January 2013

Possible Wedding Manicure …?

The wedding is now just over four weeks away.  The makeup trial has been done, the dress has been adjusted, the reception decisions are almost all made, I remain a blogger in search of a hairdo, however, and owing to budget constraints I’m going to have to do my nails myself.  Ah well, I’ve had fun over the last few weeks experimenting with nail colours […]

26th October 2012

OPI & Bare Minerals Collaboration

It’s becoming more and more trendy to match your nails to your lipstick, or your lips to your nails (depending on preference), and Bare Minerals – queens of collaborations at the moment – and OPI have teamed up this winter to help you out. These cute duos, consisting of a Pretty Amazing lip colour and a matching OPI polish apiece will be exclusively available from […]

27th July 2012

Nails of the Day – OPI The One That Got Away

An oldy, but a goody, this one.  The gorgeous magenta shimmer with a multi-coloured glass fleck is one I love. It is perfect for cheering up a dull day, but on a day full of sunshine, this shimmers with an insane brightness and glow: My pictures don’t really do justice to the depth of this shade, but it’s flipping gorgeous.  I’m choosing to gloss over […]

30th July 2011

OPI Rally Pretty Pink

Whilst this is indeed “Rally Pretty” (Dear OPI, with these puns, truly you are spoiling us), I’m not entirely sure I’d call it pink. What say you? (artificial light) (artificial light) (artificial light with flash) bit pink here … (natural light) Of all of these shots, I think the daylight one is the one I prefer. OPI Rally Pretty Pink is one of the Serena […]

31st May 2010

Nail of the Day – OPI Meet Me At The Starferry

This might not be the most exciting nail polish you’ve ever seen, but I adore it.  A work-safe mauvish-pink with multicoloured sparkles, it has a lovely depth on the nails, and is very pretty.  I spent several days last week admiring it. I’d seen it on a lot of blogs recently, and it appealed to me a lot more than, say, Jade is the New […]

18th February 2010

Nail of the Day – OPI Crimsun

 Yes, it’s another Holographic polish, but this is one I’m a little disappointed in …  Application was exceedingly sheer, meaning I still have visible nail lines, and … it’s pink. Not this orange shade you see here under my halogen lights, and not the crimson you assume from the name.  It’s pink.  Fuschia-pink under most lights.  Not a bad colour, as it happens, but not […]

14th January 2010

Nails – my new obsession!

If you follow me on Twitter I think you’ll have noticed that my latest obsession is my nails!  And, I’m also obsessed with nail varnish at the moment too … but not just any polish, I’m mainly obsessed with holographic ones … This is the collection I have of them so far.  I blame Mizzworthy, if she hadn’t tied me down and forced me to […]