6th June 2013

YSL Rose Babydoll Eyeliner

By Get Lippie

Yes, I’m a bit obsessed with pink.  And slightly obsessed with the YSL Babydoll collection, too.  I accidentally found myself with some vouchers on a discount day in Debenhams this week, so was able to pick this up for about £5 …

Yes, it’s pink eyeliner.  What’s not to love?

Well, I’m not a fan of the brush to be honest, preferring something a little more substantial – I find these tiny thin, extremely flexible brushes are no friend to the cack-of-hand. Nonetheless, I can work with it, if I prop my elbow on something whilst applying.

The liner is a little thick, but is fairly spreadable, here you can see it applied both alone and with a little black pencil smudged into the lashes:

I spent Sunday with one eye like this, and one eye naked (it’s a dogs life, being a beauty blogger, you know), now, dare I leave the house wearing pink liner (obviously on both eyes)?  Would you?

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