16th July 2014

Geometric Nails featuring Models Own, No7 and Seche Vite

By Get Lippie

By Emily

I’ve got a bit of thing for bare
nails with a splash of colour; often I’ll do a French manicure but
with bright coloured or multicolour tips. It’s really quick and
high impact. This week I wanted to create something a bit more
unusual, so got out my Models Own nail tape and created this
Modern geometric design. Here’s how:

First up, make sure your nails are
squeaky clean before applying the nail art tape. Using two strips of
tape per nail, create a triangle shape at the top of each nail. Make
sure you keep the tape a bit longer than your nail so it’s easier
to pull off.

Then apply your chosen colour to the
triangle area. I chose a No7’s Stay Perfect in Me! Me! Me!
Your first coat should be light…try not to gloop too much on. Don’t
wait too long before you apply the second coat and again try to keep
it light while getting the colour depth you need.

Once your second coat is on, don’t
wait long before carefully removing the nail tape, using tweezers. If
you wait too long you’ll get a jagged edge to your triangle.

Once all the tape is removed you can
tidy up any rough edges with remover on a fine brush before applying
a good quality top coat. I use Seche Vite, for its speed-dry



And there you have it, hipster nails
worthy of a trip to Dalston. Undercut and Fixie bike optional.

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