17th July 2014

Lipsticks of the Week

By Get Lippie

By Tindara

Well I don’t know about you, but I
think it’s about time for another Lipsticks of the Week. This week,
it’s a summer mixed bag, pinks and corals and you guessed it, a
tomato red. I’ve also been on a spending spree and bought a few new
lovely lippies that I feel like raving about.

Last time, I mentioned my favourite
go-to deep pink, Bobbi Brown’s Cosmic Raspberry. Since we’re
talking about the pink hit parade, a close number two is definitely
Lipstick Queen’s Hot Rose Sinner. It’s got a real hot edge to it
alright. There’s something of the deep but fizzy bright to this,
it’s more flirty somehow than pinks of similar tone. It’s also
got a lovely moisturising but semi-matte texture. I really like
Lipstick Queen products as a concept and this is not the only one
from the range I’ll be featuring this week. Hot Rose Sinner is a
versatile colour, and works with little eye make-up or a big flick,
or tones really well with taupe or goldey browns and greys.

(Hot Rose Lips either full selfie or
one of crops, whichever you prefer)

Like me, you’ve probably heard a lot
about Estee Lauder’s new Pure Colour Envy lipsticks. I had to see
what all the fuss was about and bought a couple. I went for Intense
Nude and Impassioned. I really loved the feel of these lipsticks,
long-lasting, highly pigmented and satin in finish with a light
vanilla scent. Both colours are eminently wearable.

Intense Nude is the perfect brown-pink
darker than natural lips colour on me, but I think it could suit lots
of skin tones from pale to dark. It works well whether you’re going
for an efficient day look or a more of a statement look with lashings
of mascara and smoky eyes. Somehow it makes my lips look bigger and
fuller. I really love this.

And Impassioned, well, you know how I
feel about tomato reds, and this one is glorious. It reeks of
glamour, and the satin feel needs a touch more make-up than I
sometimes wear with other more matte finish reds. This is not a
problem however, these lipsticks feel luxurious and make me want to
spend more time on my routine, adding flicks and smudges and
highlights. I’m revelling in them to be honest.

And now two coral lipsticks; I love a
sheer coral at this time of year, it feels totally right for sipping
a fruit-filled Pimms and matching with your pedicure showed off in
your gold sandals. Well, Birkenstocks, anyway, I’m not that
blooming glamorous. Anyway, the two I’ve been wearing are Tarte’s
paper-packaged Soft Coral and Lipstick Queen’s Endless Summer

Tarte Soft Coral lipstick is great, a
hint of peachy coral in a really moisturising sheer finish with
quirky cool packaging. It works well on it’s own for a natural look
or with bright blue, turquoise, or navy liner/shadow. This has been
in my bag all week and the packaging stands up to being lolloped
around a bag on London Transport, even if I don’t in this weather.
Lipstick Queen’s Endless Summer Stoked is almost like a deeper
coral take on Jean Queen for me. Slightly more pigment, perhaps, but
supremely soft, natural and moisturising. I like wearing this with a
smudgy navy liner, and my hastily applied dolly blusher in a peachy
coral shade with a bit of shimmer.

Well there you go lipstick fiends,
there’s mine for this week. Maybe I’ll go heavy on the eyes next
time and clear gloss. Adam Ant stripe over the nose? Nah, there will
be red, there will always be red.

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