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12th February 2015

Lipsticks of the Week/Month/Quarter [Delete as applicable]

By Tindara   It has been a while since I detailed the lipsticks I’ve been wearing regularly. As Louise herself said recently in a Lippie missive, we may as well start calling it Lipsticks of the Quarter. But if you bear with me, I’ll let you know about a few new discoveries I am excited about. I’ve been watching quite a few Beauty Vlogs recently […]

19th January 2015

New Year, Old Me

By Tindara: Happy New Year! If you’re anything like me you will be utterly bored with all the “New Year New Me” nonsense and be wanting to shove anything “detoxing” up the jacksie with a rolling pin. At least, I think that’s what they’re recommending; I tend to switch off after someone mentions a detox. Instead, I’ve decided to do the exact opposite and track […]

19th November 2014

Adventures in Ageing

© Andy Gotts MBE 2014 – reproduced by kind permission      By Tindara I’ve posted previously about being a big woman and how much my creativity with make-up and fashion helps me feel confident and ready for the world. Recently, though I’ve been battling some other demon. I’m really starting to feel my age in my face. Those of you who know me or […]

4th November 2014

Sleek Eye and Cheek and Precious Metal Highlighting Palettes

 By Tindara This week I’ve been wearing more eyeshadow than usual. I admit that generally my habit is to wack a bit of smudgy liner or chubby eyeshadow stick around my eyes, finish with mascara and some kind of eyebrow pencil and move on to blush and lipstick. I am to lipstick as a problem hoarder is to month old newspapers and dusty odd souvenirs. […]

26th September 2014

London Fashion Week: Emerging Trends

By Tindara It’s been a little while since I wrote anything for Get Lippie, and to get me back in the writing saddle, and so I could atone for this appalling neglect, our resident pro make-up artist Luke Stephens arranged a ticket for me to attend the London Fashion Week Synergy event: Emerging Trends. Luke was second in command to make-up supremo, Nicci Jackson and […]

8th September 2014

Storage Week! Tindara

The increasingly mis-named Storage “Week” continues (sorry about that), and today we have Tindara showing you her drawers, Wednesday has Laurin showing us her … er … rather unorthodox perfume collection, and Friday will bring you Pro-Makeup Artist Luke showing us how we should really do it (or not … you decide!).  Our editor, Louise, will be showing you hers next week, as she needs […]

15th August 2014

GOSH Autumn Winter 2014

By Tindara Well it might me blisteringly sunny out there but it’s Autumn Winter launch time and I was excited to be invited to see the new GOSH products this week. As usual GOSH haven’t let us down, they seem to capture the zeitgeist better than most other brands at their price point. Those of you into mineral make-up will be pleased to hear GOSH […]

17th July 2014

Lipsticks of the Week

By Tindara Well I don’t know about you, but I think it’s about time for another Lipsticks of the Week. This week, it’s a summer mixed bag, pinks and corals and you guessed it, a tomato red. I’ve also been on a spending spree and bought a few new lovely lippies that I feel like raving about. Last time, I mentioned my favourite go-to deep […]

18th June 2014

Spob O’Brian on Make-up Through the Ages

By Tindara  Those of you who went to any of the Selfridges Beauty Project events will be sorry to hear that it’s now all over. The Get Lippie team had a great time and we decided to finish off our Beauty Project experience with a fascinating talk by Spob O’ Brian, Head Of Professional Development at Illamasqua, on Make-up Through the Ages. Spob is thoroughly […]

6th June 2014

Korres, Apivita and the Ancient Greeks

A selection of Ancient Greek makeup pots and mirrors. By Tindara A little while ago I spent a long weekend in Athens. It’s an amazing city, the Acropolis and museums are incredible and the food is gorgeous, and it’s totally doable in a weekend from the UK. If you get the chance do go, though if you’re a Brit you may be embarrassed by the […]

2nd June 2014

All Bound for Muumuu Land – Body image, bare face and red lipstick.

 By Tindara I’ve gone out of the house with no make-up on most of this week. This is not by design, simply down to the fact that I’ve been busy and pushed for time. Also, I have taken to carrying a small and beautiful orange satchel which doesn’t allow for carrying much make-up with me. It got me thinking again about that naked face for […]