12th February 2015

Lipsticks of the Week/Month/Quarter [Delete as applicable]

By Get Lippie

By Tindara

It has been a while since I detailed the lipsticks
I’ve been wearing regularly. As Louise herself said recently in a
Lippie missive, we may as well start calling it Lipsticks of the
Quarter. But if you bear with me, I’ll let you know about a few new
discoveries I am excited about. I’ve been watching quite a few
Beauty Vlogs recently and they’ve influenced me to look at lots of
new products, sometimes from lower budget ranges than I would
normally go for.

up is one I’ve had for while, Lancome Rouge in Love Dan Ses Bra
163M. The colour is just beautiful, a perfect rose pink-red that’s
good for every day but works with a more full-on eye too. It’s very
moisturising, doesn’t last as long as others I have, but it’s
worth reapplying for the colour, scent, and feel. It really is a
lovely shade that would suit lots of people. Especially good if
you’re a bit scared of bright red or pink shades as it’s slap
bang between the two, but a touch softer.

it’s still so cold and wintery I’ve been into deep plum and
purple shades and finally have the guts to wear Bobbi Brown Cream
Matte Lip Color in Crushed Plum. It’s a lovely deep wine colour and
fairly hydrating despite the matte formulation, I really like to wear
it with gold or coppery colours on my eyes.

other purply plum I’ve been wearing is a great new discovery for
me. I have acquired quite a few Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balms. I love
a matte lipstick and these are very moisturising minty balm stains
that somehow remain magically matt on your lips. The shade I wore
last week was Shameless. I was out of my lipstick comfort zone as
this was very purple, but still, I love it. It’s playful and
interesting without being too Goth or Emo. I did ask my husband
whether it was a bit ‘Twilight’, I figure since he teaches
teenagers, he’d know. It was deemed fine, so I went ahead and wore
it, again, with coppery shades on my eyes.

matte lipstick I’ve had multiples of is Bourjois Rouge Edition
Velvet Lipstick. A liquid matte lipstick that’s comfortable and
leaves a very long-lasting stain; you can apply lip balm on top
throughout the day, and they really last. My favourite colour is
and I wore this last week. As I do, most weeks to be honest. It is,
like the Lancome
Rouge in Love Dan Ses Bra 163M, a perfect colour between pink and red
that would suit most people. Slightly brighter then the Lancome, and
looks chic on it’s own with little eye make-up.

long lasting balm to finish, Rimmel London Colour Rush in The Redder
The Better. I like these Rimmel balms a lot though they’re more
dewy than matte with a slightly more sheer texture. They are
buildable though, and look great with a corresponding lip liner if
you’re going for a deeper lip colour. But they also look great
dabbed on lightly with little other make-up when you’re just
pottering around local places for local people and want to look a bit
more cas’. If like me, you habitually turn to higher end lipsticks,
try some of the drugstore ranges’ tinted balms and matte
formulations; they may surprise you and make it into your weekly

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