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10th January 2013

A Curly Girl Survival Guide. Sorta … with Label M Protein Spray

Suddenly finding myself back in curly hair has involved a massive learning curve.  After 12 years or so of daily dependence on hair straighteners and other – more chemical – aids, learning to live with curls has been … interesting, to say the least. Surprisingly, I’ve found that the best thing for my hair is to do as little as possible to it.  After years […]

6th December 2012

Wedding Preparation – Creative Curl at Trevor Sorbie

Sentences I never thought I’d say ever again: “I’ve had a perm”.   Don’t worry, this isn’t the perm I’ve just had, this is the perm I had in 1988.  It’ll become clear why it’s here shortly, I promise.   Sometimes you just get an idea into your head and it will NOT go away.  Since I first read about digital perming a few months […]

8th February 2012

Gielly Green Salon, Shampoos and Hair Masks.

A few months ago, I was invited to a very special wedding, in an extremely special location, my hair needed doing, and it’s fair to say I’d gotten into a bit of a flap about my wedding preparations. This, not least because I was also the makeup artist for the bride on the day … more about that, hopefully, in a later blog post. Gielly […]

19th January 2012

GHD Deluxe Scarlet Collection

GHD sent me a Christmas present this year – their “so gorgeous it actually hurts” Scarlet Collection Deluxe hair straightener set.  Housed in an Art Deco box, the set contains:     A beautiful red satin gift box, perfectly accented with fan designs.  Inside that box you have:   A glorious Deco-accented “handbag” that contains:   A brand new GHD Styler, accented with red plates, […]

4th May 2011

Kebelo Hair Smoothing Treatment

Keen not to market themselves as simply yet another “keratin straightening treatment”, Kebelo have arrived with their plant-based, totally formaldehyde-free, 3-step smoothing system, and I was lucky enough to be one of the first people in the UK to try it recently. Referring to their system as the “foundation for beautiful hair”, Kebelo doesn’t promise stick-straight hair, but instead it swears to free you from […]

12th January 2011

Balayage with Jack Howard at Equus

Jack Howard is a man on a mission.  Having conquered the hairdressing world of the US with his missionary zeal for Balayage, training (amongst others) the Frederick Fekkai salons, and becoming a senior portfolio artist for L’Oreal Professional along the way, he’s now here in the UK and he’s determined to spread the word. Balayage is the art of painting the hair with light, creating […]

23rd November 2010

Christmas Countdown – Hair

Continuing the gift guide theme for this week, I’ve moved onto gifts for hair.  Truly, for me, there are only two contenders this year, and they’re expensive, admittedly, so hold onto your hats … Cloud Nine The O – Gift of Volume. Coming in at a whopping £199, this is an amazing gift.  I first saw TheO way back in June, and was astonished at […]

15th November 2010

An open letter to a hairdresser …

When I made my first visit to a hairdresser for blogging purposes last year, I wrote this: “I find the thought of trying out a new hair salon pretty terrifying, I’ve been known to hang around outside salons for ages trying to pluck up the courage to actually walk in and make an appointment!   As a result, it’s entirely possible I don’t visit the […]

18th June 2010

Review – Andrew Barton Salon Covent Garden

I’ve been a bit obsessed with hair this year, I can’t deny it. I’ve had four visits to different salons since Christmas (which is at least three more than usual, I’m notorious for leaving it far too long between visits), and, hand on heart, there’s only one of them I’d definitely go back to.  And that is this one. I was invited along for a […]

10th May 2010

100 Years Of Hairdressing – Andrew Collinge

Two thousand.  At the end of the 80’s, that’s how many perms that were processed by Andrew Collinge’s salons every single week. When I point out that all the salons are based in (and around) Liverpool, you might understand why that particular little statistic brought a smile to my face when I heard it the other day. I grew up in, and lived in, the […]

30th April 2010

New hair – new lipstick!

I had a spectacularly crappy day yesterday, so getting my hair done was a real treat, here’s the finished result: Have no idea what’s going on with my face there, but here’s the before and after: It’s a bit darker, but more of a coppery dark than previously, the layers have been recut, and I had a fringe cut back in.  I like it so […]

27th April 2010

My Hair!

It’s that time of year again, when my hair just absolutely gets on my wick.  I’ve not had it cut since last December, and my last colour was a (slight) disaster …here’s how it looks at the moment: Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly good hair, it’s in good condition, it’s long, it’s healthy, the colour (finally) is okay.  It’s just … dull.  And shapeless.  […]