22nd August 2016

Urban Reivers – Damn Rebel Bitches Fragrance Review

In Edinburgh, at least until the 29th August, Urban Reivers is holding a pop-up shop at 46a George Street, and (yes, I know it’s late notice) I do urge you to pop along if you have any interest in Scotland, Scottish history, or (I almost hate to mention it), Outlander, because Urban Reivers have developed a very interesting fragrance based on Scotland’s rather, um, tempestuous […]

17th August 2016

Aquis Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel Review

My hair. It drives me nuts.  You know this, I’ve written about it endlessly over the years, and after recently buying it a hat to keep it quiet during the night, I thought it was time to treat it to a new towel too, so I got in touch with the lovely people at Aquis and begged them to let me trial their new, and […]

17th August 2016

DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack

I’m old.  I’m tired.  I don’t get enough sleep.  I stare at computers too much.  I read a lot.  I rub my eyes a lot, and did I mention that I’m tired?  My eyes are definitely starting (ha! “starting”) to show the signs of ageing these days, laughter lines get deeper each day, and dehydration lines take longer and longer to disappear once they arrive […]

15th August 2016

Amouroud Safran Rare Review

Oud.  It’s a funny old ingredient, essentially it’s the smell of infected tree sap, and yet it’s one of the most prized (not to mention that it’s currently hugely trendy) and expensive fragrance ingredients around.  When I heard that a new range of entirely oud-based fragrances was launching, I’ll be honest, my heart sank a bit “another oud range?” I thought, how … utterly predictable.  […]

10th August 2016

The best bath oil in the world? Olverum Bath Oil

One of the best things about being a beauty blogger is the fact that all kinds of things arrive in an unexpected fashion,  and occasionally those things turn out to be products you never realised you couldn’t live without, and Olverum Bath Oil is one of those things.  Random fact, I don’t think I’ve actually taken a bath since Kneipp discontinued my favourite Juniper-scented bath […]

8th August 2016

Fornasetti L’Eclaireuse Candle

Fornasetti is the most whimsical design brand around, and I can never resist it.  This is a surprise to me, as I’m not really a fan of whimsy. I generally prefer strong graphical design, bright colours and geometrics to more representational art (basically, give me art deco over almost anything else, and I’m a happy woman), but somehow, Fornasetti’s sense of the surreal and absurd […]

5th August 2016

Monotheme Verbena Eau de Toilette

The press release for Monotheme Verbena Eau de Toilette arrived last week, and I was literally kicking myself for not having paid any attention to them earlier.  Verbena sounded right up my street, promising green notes of verbena with white flowers surrounded by a base (its a perfume, it can totally be “surrounded by a base”.  Honestly*) of vetiver, amber and musk sounded intriguing, and […]

4th August 2016

Rahua Shampoo, Conditioner and Omega 9 Mask

I’ve got backups, don’t worry!  I love this range.  And luckily for me, my hair loves it too.  My hair is coloured, porous and prone to frizziness, and Rahua hair products deal with it admirably.  Rahua nut oil is well-known for its hair care properties owing the small size of the molecules which help it penetrate the hair shaft, and the basic Rahua range (as […]

3rd August 2016

Imperial Leather Foamburst Nourishing Shea Butter and Orange Blossom

My orange blossom obsession continues (it’ll pass, don’t worry.  Hopefully).  After a £35 shower gel yesterday, here’s one for a tenth of the price.  I discovered the Imperial Leather Foamburst luxurious body wash back in June having discovered that I’d travelled to Cornwall without my usual toiletries bag, and so needed something to replace, but I didn’t want to spend too much.  So, for £3 […]

1st August 2016

GOSH Cosmetics Foundation Plus+ 002, 004, and 006 Review

GOSH Cosmetics are probably my favourite mid-priced range, and lots of their recent releases have set my jaded old heart pulsing – their last, with the lip oils, the foundation drops and those beautiful eyeshadow palettes and matte eyeshadow sticks, was one of the best thought-through collections I’ve seen in quite a while.  I was lucky enough to be invited to dinner with the brand […]

31st July 2016

Real Techniques Ultimate Base Kit – Limited Edition

I do love a Real Techniques face brush, or three (or four…).  For my money, there aren’t many brands that make better brushes for base products, and their blush brushes are magnificent!  That said, I do not love their eye brushes at all – in fact, I’ve not met one of their eye brushes that I’ve used more than once before giving it up as […]