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15th April 2013

Beauty Blogger Problems …

1)  Not having a laptop for three weeks will severely curtail your ability to post regularly. 2) Getting a new laptop with a vastly different keyboard layout will severely curtail your ability to write cheeo  ochersn coheerentlee proper.  Innit. 3) Forgetting where your camera cable is will severely curtail your ability to post photos. 4) Standing on samples kept in your jeans pocket will make […]

7th February 2013

Sleeping with Snor-Ring

This post might possibly veer into the Too Much Information-zone, featuring, as it does, talk of sleeping habits and routines.  Oh, and it’s a MrLippie post, too.  Get Lippie advises readers of a nervous disposition to look away now … ***** Allegedly, I snore. [No “allegedly” about it – Ed] I am still not entirely convinced that I do, but the phrase “you sound like […]

28th January 2013

Wedding Stuff

Not MY dress  Posts might be a bit thin on the ground for the next three weeks or so, as it turns out that planning a wedding – even an extremely simple and, above all, cheap wedding like ours – takes both a lot of time, and a lot of mind-space.  The ceremony is now less than three weeks away, and the tasks are stacking […]

7th December 2012

Friday Snippets

No post on here today (well, not a real one, anyway) but if my absence is making you desolate (and if not, why not?) then you can catch up with my ramblings in a couple of other places. I’ve been out and about a bit recently! 1) I wrote a piece about trying to find my perfect wedding fragrance for Basenotes recently, and it’s just […]

6th November 2012

I’m not around …

 … I’m in hospital today, having a teeny tiny procedure.  Hopefully all will be well, and I’ll be back to normal service soon!  There’s a full week of posts this week, but I may not be up to a full schedule next week, but I’ll keep you posted … This post: I’m not around today … originated at: Get Lippie All rights reserved. If you […]

6th January 2012

My Holiday Makeup Bag

I like to travel light when I go away – in December I was away a fair bit, and these were the bits and bobs I took along with me: Here we have Le Metier de Beaute eyebrow pencil, Tom Ford eyebrow pencil, Makeup Forever eyeliner No19, DJV Beautenizer Volume Lash mascara, Clinique Lip Smoothie, Becca lipstick in Giselle, Chantecaille lip chic in Tea Rose, […]

5th December 2011

Postcards from Paris

 Just a few – a very few – snapshots of my weekend in Paris: Joan of Arc  Normal posting will resume tomorrow … This post originated at: http://getlippie.com All rights reserved.

12th September 2011


I’d kill for cheekbones. I’d kill for arched eyebrows that aren’t attempting to take over my entire face. I’d kill for rippling waves of beautiful hair. I’d kill for the perfect red lipstick. I’d kill to have talents that make grown men cry. But, as I’m not blessed with Hollywood good looks, and I’m not blessed with talent, I’ll have to settle for appreciating those […]

10th June 2011

Random Friday

No real blog post today, just taking the opportunity to take stock a little bit (for today is my birthday and I’ve given myself the day off) over the year so far and reflect on what an amazing time it’s been for Get Lippie: there have been trips to Paris,  having a couple of lipsticks made and named after me, a couple of emotional posts, an insane […]

15th May 2011

Random Sunday Stuff – Featuring Sudocrem

Sudocrem, that staple of many a bathroom, is bringing out a handbag-sized tube, and to celebrate they were offering “handbag readings” by Debbie Percy who has made a career out of Bagology.  Apparently, what you carry around with you every day – both your bag and the contents can be a lot more revealing about you than you think!  Here’s my bag, and its contents: […]

30th March 2011

Time for a heated debate!

In my spare time – you know, the time I get in between working twelvety million hours a week, and the time I spend blogging – I also moderate a debate forum.  I know, I’m a sucker for punishment. There was a debate recently about women in positions of power, and someone suggested that the only reason women wear makeup is to attract men.  And […]

27th March 2011

Random Sunday Stuff

It’s been a pretty emotional week on Get Lippie, I was astonished by the reaction to my post on Thursday, and just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who took the time to comment, tweet and email me with their experiences, and support.  My readers are amazing, and I’m glad you’re here, thank you all for not making me regret publishing that […]