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27th August 2015


Nailbrushes.  They’re not really the sexiest of products on the planet, are they? I think every household has one gently mouldering on the side of the kitchen sink, very rarely used, and unloved.  Bruzz aims to change all that. A unique design with soft, slightly vanilla-scented bristles on three sides Bruzz will get your nails cleaner than ever before, without spattering the entire room you’re […]

2nd October 2014

Aveda Shampure Body Lotion, Body Wash and Compostition Oil

By Luke There aren’t many of us that haven’t been seduced by at least one of Aveda’s products. With their natural ingredients, and superb scents in just about everything they do, there was a collective sigh of relief when Aveda first arrived on the scene in the UK, as they proved that harsh chemicals and synthetics in hair products were unnecessary for healthy hair. It […]

24th April 2013

Rock Face and Rugby, A Match Made in Heaven?

****DISCLAIMER: This article contains sport, references to sporting personalities, and possibly even images of men in shorts sport. Be warned.**** Oh, and it’s been written by MrLippie … Ever since Jonny Wilkinson burst into the national consciousness of England in 2003, there’s been a slowly increasing awareness that rugby players are not always the rugged bastions of semi-Neanderthal manliness that they have often been portrayed […]

11th March 2013

Deo Perfume Candy – Edible Deodorant?

Ever wanted to smell good enough to eat?  Well …   Now you can.  Kind of.  Possibly. Maybe!  We’re not sure. Anyway.  Cybercandy sent me this little box of Bulgarian Deo Candy, which contains rose extract (said, in Japanese studies, to be excreted in your sweat after ingestion) and claims to perfume your pits for up to six hours after munching!  Here at Lippie Towers, […]

29th November 2012

Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Collection (and a little hint …)

The sharp-eyed amongst my readers might have noticed a tiny Christmas flavour sneaking into Get Lippie this week, and you’d be right.  I’m only posting about those presents that have genuinely caught my eye though, and yesterday’s giant lip balm, and today’s giant gingerbread man have both made me laugh so I thought they were worth a mention. Chock-full of shower-gel, body polish, soap and […]

7th December 2011

Paris Purchases – Toiletries

I love wandering around foreign supermarkets (heck, I love wandering around supermarkets in the UK too – I’m a bit odd that way) looking for things I haven’t seen before.  On this trip, I picked up a few bits and pieces which, whilst not all that interesting in themselves – they’re things like shower gel and deodorants – are different enough from the stuff I […]