2nd October 2014

Aveda Shampure Body Lotion, Body Wash and Compostition Oil

By Get Lippie

By Luke

There aren’t many of us that haven’t
been seduced by at least one of Aveda’s products. With their
natural ingredients, and superb scents in just about everything they
do, there was a collective sigh of relief when Aveda first arrived on
the scene in the UK, as they proved that harsh chemicals and synthetics in hair
products were unnecessary for healthy hair.

It took me a long while to jump on
board with Aveda, but when I coloured my hair bright red recently I
got involved with the excellent Madder Root shampoo and conditioner.
Anyone who has had a similar colour knows that red hair dyes are
notorious for fading fast, not to mention they’re prone to looking a
little lacklustre after few washes, so anything that helps stop those has to be a plus. And the Madder Root range from Aveda really does help
and, as a bonus, it smells amazing.

However, Shampure is perhaps the most
famous, and most-loved, shampoo range from Aveda. With its extremely distinctive
scent that is now synonymous with the brand, it is incredibly popular. This year saw the 25th anniversary of
Shampure, and they’ve celebrated with the introduction of body products and oils all featuring the
distinctive and much-beloved Shampure fragrance. Well, I say “fragrance”, but it is actually the result of blending over 25 pure flower and
plant extracts, including ylang ylang, lavender, and petit grain,
all of which are said to bring on a sense of well being and calm.
This is just as well really, as this is the signature scent of all
Aveda salons around the world!

The Shampure hand & body wash is
sulphate free and has the benefit of added organic Babassu nut oil
which can apparently create a naturally cooling sensation on the skin
which can help with relaxation and insomnia, I love this. The body
lotion is hydrating and easy to apply, and is perfect for keeping that gorgeous Shampure scent
with you throughout the day.

Even more recently they have added the
Shampure fragrance to the ranks of their superb multi use composition
oils. These are credited as being beneficial for body, bath, nails and
scalp, and the universal oil can be used for just about everything
except cooking (like you’d cook with a scented oil!) and obviously,
it smells incredible! It’s lighter – and more runny – than the other composition oils in Aveda’s range, but it’s fabulous for treating dry ends on longer
hair, and makes a great addition to a hot bath that will both scent
your skin and home beautifully. Use it on your scaly bits too, so if
you’ve ever wanted beautifully scented elbows, now’s your chance … Now, Aveda, sort out a Shampure candle, will you?

Shampure bath and body, and composition oil available now.

Prices range from £17 to £23.

The Fine Print: PR Samples.

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