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13th September 2015

Skincare of the Week 13.09.15

Last Sunday was a very stressful day, so I ended up giving myself a mini-facial in the middle of the day.  Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel was soothing with its rosy softness, then I slathered myself in Aveda Intensive Hydrating Mask for the rest of the day.  I love this stuff, oil-free, it is instantly cooling and soothing (I keep mine in the fridge.  That reminds […]

2nd October 2014

Aveda Shampure Body Lotion, Body Wash and Compostition Oil

By Luke There aren’t many of us that haven’t been seduced by at least one of Aveda’s products. With their natural ingredients, and superb scents in just about everything they do, there was a collective sigh of relief when Aveda first arrived on the scene in the UK, as they proved that harsh chemicals and synthetics in hair products were unnecessary for healthy hair. It […]

25th March 2014

Aveda Pure-formance Aroma Spray For Men

 By Luke   I am a bit of a massive fragrance freak, which until recently I referred to as a fumehead until someone mistook that for meaning crack smoker.  The blogosphere is full of them to varying degrees of expertise. You have your serious perfume heads, with their in depth and rather lofty descriptions, right down to the ‘I liked this, it’s nice’ clan. All […]

13th January 2014

Best of 2013 Pt II

Fragrance of the year: Maison Francis Kurkdijan – Aqua Vitae According to Persolaise, I said it best  – at a preview of the scent –  when I mumbled that it smelt like a hug from the seventies.  I’m astonished that I’ve not really written about this fragrance since though (might be something to do with having my best line used before I could commit it […]