13th October 2009

Lip of the Day – Studio Secrets 411

By Get Lippie

Today, I wore my new L’Oreal Studio Secrets 411 lipstick.  It’s a lightly pink “nude” shade, and I bought it as part of my ongoing quest to find the perfect nude lipstick.  What I want is a lipstick that’ll make it not look too obvious that I’m wearing it, yet give me a polished look.

Here’s how it looked on:

L’Oreal have arranged their Studio secrets by hair and eye colour, which is a fad I thought went out in the late eighties.  I’m also bemused by the blurb on the stand that says “light brunettes” should go crazy with colour on the lips, then provide a selection of all nude shades to “go crazy” with.  It’s a nice lipstick though, gave a good coverage after just one coat, and didn’t wear off too quickly.  It lasted till lunchtime without really needing touching up, even though the transfer onto cups was dreadful. It feels moisturising when you’re applying it, but I think after a few hours of it totally wearing off, my lips feel slightly drier than they did this morning.  The colour doesn’t quite work for me, I don’t think, but it doesn’t make me look dead, which is a nice change for a nude.

But we really have to talk about the packaging.  I like the idea of the clear central section – so you can see what colour the lipstick is without taking the lid off- but this packaging just doesn’t work for me.  It looks cheap.  In fact, it’s beyond cheap-looking, it is cheap.  The plastic feels flimsy and brittle in the hand, and the top just barely snaps into place, so it doesn’t feel very secure.  It’s a shame, as this isn’t cheap lipstick, it’s currently £8.99 at Boots, many of the budget ranges do better packaging than this, it’s the sort of plastic that will shatter if it gets left at the bottom of your handbag.

All in all, I give it 6 out of 10.  Nice lippie, shame the packaging belies the price.