11th July 2012

Pure Gold Liquid Collagen Review

By Get Lippie

 A couple of months ago, I gave away a month’s supply of Pure Gold Liquid Collagen and promised to give you a full review afterwards.  Well, I’m not sure that this will count as a full review, but here goes.

I finished my month-long trial with beautiful, glowing, clear skin, and, at the time, I put it down to the skincare I was using.  Now, another month or so after the trial has ended, (and without using a replacement supplement in the meantime), my skin isn’t the same gorgeous, smooth skin it was while I was on the trial.

I miss it.

Don’t get me wrong, my skin is still pretty good, but it’s definitely not the same skin it was while I was taking Pure Gold. The supplement is delicious, which really helped, I found.  I have other supplements that contain fish oil here, and I can’t bring myself to take them very often because, well, they taste of fish!  Nothing worse than an unexpected fish-burp if you ask me. Anyway,  the taste of Pure Gold is of a slightly spicy orange juice, if you’ve ever sniffed the Blood Orange and Pepper range from Bliss, it tastes how that smells, utterly divine (mental note, must stock up on Bliss at the earliest opportunity), and made taking the supplement a pleasure. 

I’d recommend the supplement without question if it weren’t for one thing, the price.  A ten-day supply costs £35.99, making this work out at £3.59 a bottle, or £108 a month, or almost £1,300 a year.  That’s a LOT of moolah.

If you can afford it, I say go for it, I only wish I could.

The Fine Print: PR sample.   Please note that Pure Gold Liquid collagen is NOT vegan-friendly.

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