24th March 2014

Lipstick of the Week

By Get Lippie

By Tindara


Oyez! My first Lipsticks of the Week! So here we go chaps, it’s my
first selection and I mostly went with my old faithfuls. There
is some similarity between all the bullets, I won’t lie. A red
lipstick stain on my glass is how I roll. As I wear specs my easy
everyday look tends to be eyebrow pencil and clear brow and lash gel
with a bright lip and blusher. So I can be a bit of creature of habit
when it comes to lip colour. Do you ever get those days when you feel
like your head is filled with cotton wool and something is just not
firing correctly in your brain? My solutions are equal parts espresso
and red lipstick. Or a bright fuchsia, at a push. Last week was a
toughie; lots of meetings and training sessions, and my first event
for Get Lippie, so when I opened my dressing table drawer to choose a
lipstick in the mornings, it was most likely a tried and tested
colour and formulation that just makes me feel good. 


First up is
Nars lipstick in Heatwave. It’s a beautiful orange red with a
semi-matte texture that recalls the freshest tomato salsa or a juicy
blood orange. I really like to wear it in spring/summer as the tomato
pull plays well in sunshine with brighter colours and works with
little or no eye make-up. It’s also a really good look with leopard
print and huge clip on earrings though, if you’re going for a retro
vintage feel. Although it’s a semi-matte formulation it’s not
drying at all and lasts fairly well. No ring of doom either, it tends
to wear off evenly. This is probably the lipstick I’m wearing most
at the moment. So I suppose it goes without saying I wore the Nars
Heatwave twice last week.

But before
this came Dita. Our fragrant editor Louise has waxed lyrical about
the Art Deco Dita
Von Teese Art Couture Lipstick Velvets
before. They’re highly pigmented lasting lipsticks that have a
matte finish. You can see a pattern here can’t you? I have a few of
these but the one I use the most is Muse Red, which is, again, an
orange red, possibly even more tomatoey than the Heatwave. I really
like the vanilla smell and the way it lasts and lasts without being
drying. In fact, I love this lipstick so much I worry I may not find
it again, so I’ve recently bought another JUST IN CASE. Please tell
me I’m not the only one that does this.


When I’m
not wearing reds, I like a deep pink of some description and in my
opinion you can’t get better than Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour in
Cosmic Raspberry. It’s not so bright as to be a ‘shocking’
pink, but there’s an unmistakable magenta hint to this hydrating
lipstick. It carries the same weight as a red but is more playful and
berry-like. I wear it with a bare eye, as per, or lots of black
eyeliner, either smudged or flicked. It’s a really flattering
colour and lasts pretty well leaving a pleasing berry stain on the

Rouge Blossom
Automatique in
Insolence is my last lipstick, one I picked up at Lippie HQ and felt
like giving a go. The packaging is just the most beautiful design. I
suggest you go to a Guerlain counter to see what I mean if you don’t
have one. The sliding mechanism and jack in the box lipstick is hours
of fun. Well, if you’re me it is. The colour looks like it will be
a very bright pink, but what actually goes on is a deep rose pink
with just a hint of brightness that’s really flattering. It’s
also really hydrating and comfortable. This one is growing on me. I
can see me wearing it a lot if we actually get a decent spring and

Tune in
next time for more lipstick stories. Will she wear pink? Will she
wear red? Will she run out bare faced ‘cause she overslept and
switched her alarm off and put on whatever is in her bag? Maybe. 


Semi-Matte Lipstick in Heatwave is £18.50. Art Deco Dita
Von Teese Art Couture Lipstick Velvet in Muse Red is £16.50. Bobbi
Brown Rich Lip Colour in Cosmic Raspberry is £19.00 Guerlain Rouge
Automatique in
Insolence is £22.50.

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