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30th July 2013

Butter London Summer 2013 Collection

     Yawn.  Summer collections, eh?  Chuck in a gold, a bit of brown, a bronze, an orange, and OH! a bright blue no one in their right mind would ever wear, and VOILA! You have the summer palette of your dreams.  In eyeshadow terms, this is so overdone as to be cliché, but somehow, translate it into nail varnish instead and I’m sold. Butter […]

1st June 2013

Ciate Suncatcher Collection – Pool Party & Afterglow

Here’s a cool drink of water for a (hopefully) sunny day! I’m taking part in the Ciate Suncatcher Treasure Hunt today! The latest collection from Ciate, “Suncatcher” is a bright and saturated collection of sunny shades to brighten up your summer days.  This is “Pool Party”, a super-bright blue creme. The collection also comes with a unique topcoat – “Afterglow”, which adds a little golden […]

31st May 2013

Clinique A Different Nail Enamel in Indie Rock

Nail varnish for sensitive skin?  Really?  Hmn …  Apparently, in the course of an average day, you’ll touch your face many dozens of times, and the chemicals in a “normal” nail varnish can irritate the thin and easily inflamed skin around your eyes, causing reactions and irritation.  I can’t say I’ve ever noticed this, despite having such sensitive skin around my eyes that 95% of […]

16th January 2013

Possible Wedding Manicure …?

The wedding is now just over four weeks away.  The makeup trial has been done, the dress has been adjusted, the reception decisions are almost all made, I remain a blogger in search of a hairdo, however, and owing to budget constraints I’m going to have to do my nails myself.  Ah well, I’ve had fun over the last few weeks experimenting with nail colours […]

15th October 2012

How To Make Your Manicure Last Longer with a Sandwich

There is very little worse – from a beauty bloggers point of view – than a nail varnish that lasts around 30 seconds on the nails.  It’s heartbreaking to discover that thebeautiful shade you’ve just splashed out on has all the lasting power of a soap bubble.  Especially if it’s an £18 soap bubble … Anyway, there is help, and you can make those ephemeral […]

2nd July 2012

Bourjois One Seconde Gel Polish: Shades 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 & 15

(L-R: Shade numbers 6, 4, 15, 5, 3, and 9 Didn’t realise they had numbers when I lined them up – sigh) Whilst hanging around in Superdrug (you know, like you do) recently, I had my eye caught by these colourful little numbers!  Also, they were on 3-4-2, so it would have been rude not to pick up a couple or three. My nails are […]

15th March 2012

Filthy Gorgeous London

Hot on the heels of her last guest post for Get Lippie, here’s the wonderful Senorita Carmen telling us about her relationship with the polishes of Filthy Gorgeous London … Back in the Autumn, I volunteered to babysit the Lippies. Because I lived a bus ride away and I had the spare time was the rational reason, but the real reason was to finally meet […]

20th February 2012

Nail of the Day – A-England Avalon

It’s terribly hard work having a nail blogger as one of your best friends, you know.  I’d been seeing swatches all over the place for the recent A-England legend collection and thought they were very pretty, but it wasn’t until I saw Helen’s A-England post last week that I did what every good beauty blogger eventually does, and ripped my friend’s idea off in its […]

31st January 2011

Nail of the Day – Deborah Lippmann Don’t Tell Mamma

I saw this online at House of Fraser and had to have it, it looked so gorgeous!  And, in the bottle it is, a deep dark blackened green, with incredible micro-shimmer. As with my last Lippmann polish, application was perfect, smooth and opaque within two coats, and the wear was great, it lasted four days without chipping and I was very happy with it … […]

18th January 2011

Nail of the Day – Essie: Sew Psyched

Utterly infatuated with green nail varnish, I am.  I went, last year, from not ever being able to imagine wearing it to owing more green nail polish shades than I do, say, pinks!  This colour, a delightfully greyed-out khaki is Essie Sew Psyched from their a/w 2010 collection.  It’s a mini-bottle, I didn’t suddenly sprout man-hands overnight! It’s wearable for the office – I think […]

30th November 2010

Nail of the Day – China Glaze Emerald FItzgerald

Another beauty from the Vintage Vixens collection, this one: A deep, dark glassy green that doesn’t appear black on the nails, I adore this shade. It’s not – quite – a Christmassy green, but rather it reminds me of an expensive car paint job.  I was worried it would give me lobster hands, but luckily, it doesn’t! Picture shows two coats over China Glaze sticky […]

5th November 2010

Nail of the Day: Andrea Fulerton Foxy Lady

I’ve been waiting for Andrea to get this range into the shops since last March!  I was lucky enough to get my nails done by this lovely lady at an event and we had a really good natter, so when I found out the range was finally available at Superdrug, I leapt to collect some bits and pieces.  I love that alongside some great polish […]