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21st October 2010


Yes, I am a child, but I can’t deny that a large part of the charm of this shade (for me) is it’s name. Which is actually Bogie, not bogies, but I never let truth get in in the way of a stupid joke. Did I tell you that I once bought a blusher purely because the shade was called “Wind”? Anyway, I digress … Hailing from the recent […]

9th September 2010

Max Factor Vs All For Eve: A Nail File Challenge

Crystal nail files are everywhere at the moment, when I had a pedicure at The Chapel recently, BeautyMaze used a Leighton Denny crystal file on my tootsies, and I was astonished at how smooth it was, and how little it set my teeth on edge when she filed my toenails, which is always the worst part of any pedicure for me.  Well, usually. As a  […]

17th August 2010

Chanel Paradoxal Dupe?

 I picked up Jessica’s Venus Was Her Name about a month ago, because it appeared so unusual in the bottle!I got it from The Sanctuary, but I’m assured there are other places you can pick it up from.  In the bottle it appears a charcoal shade with tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of purple shimmer.  Sound familiar?  Here’s now it looks on the nails: On […]

16th August 2010

Nail of the Day: Chanel Paradoxal

Yes, you may have seen this on a few blogs already, but if you know me, you know I have a hard time resisting Chanel, and I love my murky shades.  So, when Chanel bring out a range of murky shades, I’m in there.  Totally!  Paradoxal is a grey with purple shimmer, but depending on the angle you get either a purple-grey shade, or a […]

2nd August 2010

Nail of the Day – China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint

Long-time readers of this blog will know of my (possibly irrational) hatred of pastels.  I don’t like them, and what’s more, they don’t like me. So, it was a surprise to find that I like this shade: China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint, from the Up, Up, and Away collection, which I largely avoided as it was ALL pastels.  Or mainly pastels.  Or even possibly just partially […]

4th July 2010

Guest Post: Lippman Nail Swatches.

Today’s guest blogger is Sara from Daily Polish, she’s an ultra-fun person – someone I really enjoy chatting with on Twitter, but I’ll let her do the main introductions herself … *** hellooooooooooo people of get lippie land! i’m sara, i run a blog called Daily Polish and madame louise was kind enough to allow me to guest post. so in theory i wanted to […]

29th June 2010


Sometimes, I can’t help gilding the lily: Had a perfectly good Rococo Utility manicure, and I went and added a layer of Inglot flakies to it, and ended up with this hideous mess. Both gorgeous shades on their own, added together just made me feel all “urgh” about it! Have you ever made any terrible errors of combination?

23rd June 2010

Mannequin Hands? Precision Nail Lacquer P300 Kismet

A couple of months ago you couldn’t move for blogs with people showing you their “Mannequin Hands”.  Basically, a mannequin hand is one where you’ve painted your nails the same colour as the skin of your hand, making you look like you have longer, slimmer fingers.  Sadly, my hands are more sausage fingers than mannequin, but this polish – P300 Kismet from Precision – seems to […]

8th June 2010

All for Eve Launch Sophy Robson Nail Varnish on June 15th

Yeah, I talk about All for Eve a lot.  It’s a cause that’s close to my heart, and because of that I’m not going to make any apology for mentioning them yet again! This is just a quick post to let you know that the nail varnish created by Sophy Robson for the charity goes on sale via the All For Eve website on June […]

31st May 2010

Nail of the Day – OPI Meet Me At The Starferry

This might not be the most exciting nail polish you’ve ever seen, but I adore it.  A work-safe mauvish-pink with multicoloured sparkles, it has a lovely depth on the nails, and is very pretty.  I spent several days last week admiring it. I’d seen it on a lot of blogs recently, and it appealed to me a lot more than, say, Jade is the New […]

21st May 2010

Nail of the Day – Nubar Lustful Red

One from the Nubar Risque Reds collection that was released recently, I really like it.  A blue-red creme it applies smoothly (if a little on the thick side, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a couple of drops of thinner), and evenly. There is no shimmer, and no glitter I really like it for a dramatic old-school”Hollywood” nails look.  Pic above is two coats […]

20th May 2010


I held a tiny Twitter competition recently, and invited one of my readers along with me when I went to check out the Nailgirls salon in Islington.  The adorable Lauren Marks was my companion for the evening, and we had a fine old time. As much a great place to hang out as it is your traditional nail salon, we had a great time, we […]