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10th August 2016

The best bath oil in the world? Olverum Bath Oil

One of the best things about being a beauty blogger is the fact that all kinds of things arrive in an unexpected fashion,  and occasionally those things turn out to be products you never realised you couldn’t live without, and Olverum Bath Oil is one of those things.  Random fact, I don’t think I’ve actually taken a bath since Kneipp discontinued my favourite Juniper-scented bath […]

8th August 2016

Fornasetti L’Eclaireuse Candle

Fornasetti is the most whimsical design brand around, and I can never resist it.  This is a surprise to me, as I’m not really a fan of whimsy. I generally prefer strong graphical design, bright colours and geometrics to more representational art (basically, give me art deco over almost anything else, and I’m a happy woman), but somehow, Fornasetti’s sense of the surreal and absurd […]

27th July 2016

Jasper Conran Nude Woman

 Jasper Conran Nude Woman, the latest fragrance from the Jasper Conran range, is housed in a beautifully detailed bottle.  Hefty, but delicate, the carved column fills the hand nicely, and feels wonderfully tactile when you’re spraying it.  It’s supposed to evoke “contemporary femininity”, and I think it delivers that nicely. The juice inside the bottle is surprisingly enjoyable too.  A white floral that manages to […]

25th July 2016

Diptyque Eau de Sens

To say I’m a bit obsessed with orange blossom at the moment would be a mild understatement, so you might want to bear that in mind as you read this – basically, if it promises to smell of orange blossom, I’m bound to at least like it a lot.  And if it delivers, as Diptyque’s Eau de Sens does (in spades), then it’s a full-blown […]

9th March 2016

Diptyque Rosaviola Candle and Solid Fragrance

Good grief I fell hard for Rosaviola!  I didn’t intend to, it’s pink, it’s girly, and it’s very, very, very sweet.  But I have, and what’s done is done.  I went to the Diptyque store in St Germain (I think I may have mentioned that I’ve been in Paris recently?) fully intending to buy something super-exclusive and incredibly French (not to mention achingly chic), and […]

31st January 2016

LipsNspritz of the Week 31 January 2016

 So, I take all my LipsNspritz pictures in one batch on a Saturday afternoon, then wear them throughout the week, taking different pictures of stuff on a daily basis is far too much like hard work for me!  I assure you I do wear them though.  LipsNspritz is my attempt both to wear my entire perfume and lipstick collection, and to help my nose “relearn” […]

18th January 2016

Get Lippie at the Jasmine Awards!

 This time two years ago, I was over the moon because I’d been shortlisted for a Jasmine Award by the Fragrance Foundation. It was for a comedy piece I’d written about perfumes from the pound shop for Basenotes.  I didn’t win – there was no way a funny vignette about perfumes no one in their right mind would have wanted to buy could have won, […]

6th December 2015

LipsNspritz of the Week 06.12.15

After spending last weekend doused in Tom Ford’s finest Black Orchid (albeit in the new Eau de Toilette version rather than the EdP), I was obviously stuck in a rather Tom Ford kind of groove for the early part of this week.   Monday brought Tom Ford Black Violet, a scent which I have always preferred to Black Orchid, for some reason (but it’s now discontinued), […]

4th November 2015

Burberry Christmas 2015 – My Burberry

For Christmas 2015 Burberry have re-released a bunch of their cult favourite products in a seasonally appropriate golden livery.  Today I’ll take a look at the fragranced products, and tomorrow I’ll show you the (beyond beautiful) Christmas makeup. In beautifully textured golden boxes, My Burberry, a blend of sweet pea, geranium and rose over a base of patchouli, has been released in both a golden […]

30th October 2015

Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Mon Beau Sapin Candle

Yes, yes, I’m having a bit of a candle moment this week.  But, you know, ’tis the season and all that.  This Christmas Francis Kurkdjian is treating us to a golden tribute to the balsam fir: Housed in a blingy golden container, etched with representations of fir trees Mon Beau Sapin is a smokey-pine-patchouli blend that definitely feels both foresty and wintry.  It’s really lovely, […]

21st October 2015

Perfumer H by Lyn Harris

I spent a lovely afternoon with Lyn Harris at her new venture, Perfumer H, last week. In the stripped-back luxury of her Marylebone studio, we chatted parosmia, hyperosmia, the hard work that goes into making a life’s work look so simple, so effortless and so elegant, and, of course, we chatted perfume. The idea behind Perfumer H is deceptively simple; essentially a collection of five […]