20th September 2009

Makeover: Jane

By Get Lippie

Meet Jane:

Jane is a good friend of mine, and she’s kindly agreed to be my first model in my makeover series.  Jane’s 47, works in a University, and has amazing bone structure.  Ordinarily, Jane doesn’t wear much make-up beyond a touch of mascara and some Vaseline on her lips, and today we are going to create a glamorous and sophisticated evening look.

The first thing to do is to even out skin-tone with a touch of base, Jane is a little prone to high colour around her cheeks, nose and forehead, so we concentrated on those areas:

We used MAC stick foundation here in NC25, and I used that as a concealer in the corners of her eyes, and a touch of matching MAC Concealer underneath her eyes too. In order to counteract Jane’s natural tendency to redness, I used Benefit Bluffdust to set and finish off the base.

Here’s how Jane looked after some serious blending:

Jane has beautiful blue eyes, but they need a little more framing, so before we got started on her eyes properly, I filled in her eyebrows a little using Bobbi Brown Blonde eyeshadow:

Just a dab’ll do ya …

For Jane’s lids, I used Bobbi Brown Champagne Truffle shimmer wash, with Stone to define the crease:

In the flesh, the Champagne is actually more of a golden-apricot shade which complements Jane’s eyes perfectly.  I then went on and added Chocolate as an eyeliner, and finished with two coats of Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara.

To finish, I added MAC Blushbaby, and a touch of Bare Escentuals Clear radiance to Jane’s cheeks, and for her lips, we used Estee Lauder lipstick in Sugar Honey:

Presto!  A lovely, sophisticated – glowing! – look, that can be toned down slightly for the daytime too.

Here’s the obligatory soft focus glamour shot:

All photos – except the last – shot in pure daylight and unretouched.

Many thanks to Jane for being so patient and lovely, here’s hoping you enjoyed it!