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14th November 2009

Eye Makeup Remover Challenge – Pt 1

Even though I use cleansing oils to remove my makeup, it seems I’m still collecting eyemakeup removers at a rate of knots for some reason!  This isn’t entirely a bad thing, as I do love me my full on lashes and liner, even with a “natural” look, and sometimes, you just want those bad-boys OFF! If you’ve ever read my Products I Simply Can’t Live […]

9th November 2009

Nail of the Day – Mavala Tokyo

There won’t be too many Nail of the Day posts around here for a couple of reasons, the main one being that I’m lousy at applying it, and the other one is that I have truly dreadful nails that don’t grow, and when they do, the second I start to think they’re looking reasonable they start to split, peel, flake and then snap.  It’s very […]

4th November 2009

Organic Wednesday – Green People Deodorant

Just a quick Organic Wednesday mention this week, as I’m ill with labrynthitis (truly, the most useless and pathetic disease ever) and the monitor is making me feel slightly nauseous … Anyhoo, I’ve been testing this Green People deodorant for the last couple of weeks, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised! The Blurb: Green People say: “This natural deodorant is made without pore-clogging Aluminium, Parabens, ethyl […]

28th October 2009

Organic Wednesday – John Masters Organics

Today I’m going to review two John Masters products: Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender and John Masters Organics Hibiscus & Honey Hair Reconstructor The Background: John Masters is a NY hair stylist, famous for his colouring abilities and commitment to natural products. He’s been experimenting with organic products for nearly 20 years, and is pioneering “clean air” salons, meaning that his salons only […]

26th October 2009

RIP GHD? or How I Found Cloud Nine Straighteners…

*Warning, this post contains images that some people may find hilarious disturbing. You do have to be careful what you say in public these days.  A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned on Twitter that you’d have to prise my GHD’s from my cold, dead hands before I could be parted from them, and the next thing you know, Cloud Nine are offering to help […]

24th October 2009

Be Stila My Beating Heart …

I believe Stila is exiting as a beauty brand from the UK, I’m not sure I’m surprised at this news, I’ve always liked the looks of their products, but have never really been grabbed enough by them to make them a regular purchase.  This wasn’t helped by the discovery that I’m allergic to their lipglosses, which really are their star product. But Brandalley had a […]

21st October 2009

Organic Wednesday – Plant Love II: The Review

I already said a fair bit about Plant Love during the makeover part of Organic Wednesday, so this won’t be a long post!  I’ve tried a few ranges of organic colour cosmetics recently, and I have to say that Plant Love is definitely a cut above as far as I’m concerned.  The colours in the eyeshadows are strongly pigmented, they’re easy to apply and blend […]

17th October 2009

Nail of the Day – Zoya Coco

I don’t do these often, as I’m completely cackhanded at applying nail varnish, but I had to post about this colour, I love it so much.  It’s a lovely, velvety, chocolatey-purple shade, not too warm, and not too brown. It’s a cream finish, with no shimmer or glitter.  It’s rather unusual, and reminds me a great deal of the colour of proper, old-fashioned cocoa powder […]

13th October 2009

Lip of the Day – Studio Secrets 411

Today, I wore my new L’Oreal Studio Secrets 411 lipstick.  It’s a lightly pink “nude” shade, and I bought it as part of my ongoing quest to find the perfect nude lipstick.  What I want is a lipstick that’ll make it not look too obvious that I’m wearing it, yet give me a polished look. Here’s how it looked on: L’Oreal have arranged their Studio […]

5th October 2009

Organics – A new series

Long gone are the days where I could slap just any old thing on my skin and pay no heed to the consequences.  Too many years of recklessly painting myself with the most chemical-laden and powerfully-perfumed old muck – then using the equivalent of paint stripper to take it off – has left me with a face that breaks out and flares up into welts […]

12th September 2009

Review – Eyeshadow Primers

Today, I’ve decided to to a side-by-side product test. Two of my all time favourite products are MAC Paint (which I use as an eyeshadow primer, as well as a colour) and Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer. Up until now, I’d be hard pressed to say which was better, so I’m trying them both out at the same time, with an eyeshadow that I already now […]

10th September 2009

Review – REN Rose Otto Bath Oil

It’s been a funny old week. I got a job offer out of the blue, which caused much soul-searching as I’ve only just started a new job. This new job offer comes with a shorter commute, more money, and it’s back in the industry I love … A hard decision had to be made – do I leave my cushy new job, and go back […]