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24th April 2013

Rock Face and Rugby, A Match Made in Heaven?

****DISCLAIMER: This article contains sport, references to sporting personalities, and possibly even images of men in shorts sport. Be warned.**** Oh, and it’s been written by MrLippie … Ever since Jonny Wilkinson burst into the national consciousness of England in 2003, there’s been a slowly increasing awareness that rugby players are not always the rugged bastions of semi-Neanderthal manliness that they have often been portrayed […]

13th September 2012

Carter & Bond Barbers

Back by “popular request”, today Get Lippie is proud to be hosting a guest post from that most “august” of “occasional* contributors”, yes, it’s Mr Lippie!** ***** The last time I went to a branded barber shop, I have to admit that the experience was less than overwhelming, and as a result I have been fairly wary of venturing far from my local barbers’ where […]

27th July 2011

What’s that Fish stuff about?

In what is increasingly looking like it’s going to be a recurring series (Yay!  No pressure), I present to you yet another post by Mr Lippie about … men’s stuff … *** On my last post, I noticed PerilouslyPale saying that she was totally lost on “this Fish stuff” I mentioned in passing when describing my current routine. (Y’see, I DO read the comments people […]

24th June 2011

Guest Post – Before and After

I’m kind of hoping that my guest poster today doesn’t really need any introduction … but, if you’re not familiar, here’s @MrLippie talking about how his life has changed since his beloved became a beauty blogger … ***** At times, I find myself wondering how exactly I’ve ended up in this position – no, not the position of writing a blog post in a bit […]

7th August 2010

Mr Lippie Reviews: Soap and Glory

He’s been at it again, using products then making stuff up about them.  Please check out MrLippie’s latest review of Soap & Glory for men at Ape to Gentleman My favourite bit?: “…Don’t blame me. I just get chained to a keyboard until my random button-pressing makes some kind of sense….”

27th July 2010

Mr Lippie Reviews: Armani Diamonds Summer

I’ve been using Armani Diamonds for a little while now, and I thought (or, rather, was reminded) that it’s about time that I put my thoughts on it down on paper, as it were.   Looking at the bottle itself, it’s a chunky rectangular bottle, with a hint of blue/aquamarine at the base that gives the liquid a slightly mysterious look. The top is dominated […]

25th June 2010

He’s Baaaaaaack!

Yes, MrLippie is back reviewing again.  And I think he may have been drinking! Take a look at his latest post over on Ape to Gentleman, and don’t forget to let him know what you think.  All the filth in the final paragraph has nothing to do with me, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  So there.

14th June 2010

Mr Lippie Reviews: Guerlain Homme L’Eau

Back again, with a new scent that GetLippie and I are currently arguing about…. Guerlain Homme’s L’eau comes in a chunky translucent bottle that looks somewhat ominous, on first viewing. It’s big, angular, and has a GINORMOUS spray nozzle that just dares you to press it. Once you get over that, however, the scent itself is actually quite light. It’s ever-so-slightly lemony, but there are […]

7th June 2010

The Art of Shaving Lavender Carry On Kit

No, I haven’t gone entirely mad, but this is just a little heads up to let you know that MrLippie has made his “official” blogging debut over on Ape to Gentleman today!  Please go show him some love.  Er … you know what I mean, comment on his post. Yes, that’s what I meant. He’s got a girlfriend, y’know, don’t make her jealous, she’s a […]

28th May 2010

Get Lippie – An Announcement …

Time passes, things move on, and sometimes you need to make some changes. I’ve done a lot of soul-searching recently, and have been trying to think of ways to make Get Lippie a bit different. Then I thought, stuff that, I like what I’m doing!  But, sometimes it helps to have a different viewpoint on things, and some of my very favourite blogs have two […]

14th May 2010

Organic Weekend – Bulldog Eco-System Shave Gel

MrLippie’s been dying to get some more review action in, so it’s a double-whammy of organic goodness for you this weekend (I have something rather lovely to show you tomorrow, so stay, er, browsed!).  Again, this is a sample I picked up at the Natural and Organic Product show recently, and I made the boy change his shaving habits for a while to try it […]